Weekend Ranked Meta Report (Mar 11 - Mar 13, 2022) It's time for your Monday Mythic Meta weekend ranked recap with TheProfesserf! One word: magic. This past weekend was purely dominated by Aggro Magic (aka tempo, aka card draw, aka burn). It's been a while since we saw one deck/one god dominate this much - the last time was when Call To Arms was buffed to give health and protected to all creatures in the deck. The top 10 and almost all of the top 20 was Magic. One player was able to pilot Nature into the top 20, but that was it; no other gods made it into the top 20. I had to go through several pages and profiles to find top decks to feature for our other gods. But don't worry! Your Professerf is determined and found decks for other gods for you to try when you are tired of winning with Magic. https://youtu.be/OT9bOTFtED0 Update for this week's top10 scoreboard, HPain widens his lead and a couple of players move up a spot. Magic: GU_1_4_BDWBDWGAVGAVCErCErIBmGAgCANCANCEkCEkIBkIBBIBBCAnIBiIBiCAmCAmIBqIBqCEmCEmCEqCEqIBACCGCAlCAl Nature: GU_1_5_IDNIDNCAuCAuHAEHAECCOCCOCAvCAvIASICOBCCIDKIDKCBxCBxIALIALGAbIDSIDSIDOCAxCAxCDfCDfIDPIDPIAU War: GU_1_6_CCYCCYCGHBDyBDyBFvBFvHAFHAFHAgHAgBFrBFrCGJGBSGBSBDoBDoBEXBEXCDqCDqIDjIDjCDzCDzCClCClBBUBBU Deception: GU_1_2_CCQGAeIAoIAoIAlIAlCDDCDDIClIClCCMCCMBFqBFqICOICOBEXBEXCEwICyICqICqCERCERCEQCEQICHICHBEoBEo Death: GU_1_1_CCcCCcCESCESBACBACBDLBDLBEwBEwIAIBCxBCxBAFBAFIAJCDTCDTGAjBEWBEWGAdBGkBDFBDFBBqBBqCCaGAMIBy Light: GU_1_3_CBKCBKIAvCABCABBEpBEpIAxICGICGIAqIAqBHMICOICOBEXBEXICNICNIApIApCFgICjICjICbBGPBGPIAyIAyCBM Remember, changes happen in the game and it is always an exciting time to try Gods Unchained, join the rewarding Play to Earn ecosystem, and boost your win rate percentage with TheProfesserf. If you are looking for more information, content and resources check out [TheProfesserf's YouTube channel](https://www.youtube.com/c/TheProfesserf/featured) for guides, tutorials, meta reports, gameplay and more! @theprofesserf