Trading fees aren't that high except its different on Coinbase Pro. Thank you @DerishaViar 🤗 @shazzy

How is it different? @derishaviar

You mentioned "more fees" so I'm trying to say trading fees shouldn't be up to 1cent except it's "different" on Coinbase. I trade mainly on Binance and the trading fees are very fair. @shazzy

I mostly use Binance too, it's the best 🙌 @derishaviar

I guess that could be my last option, it's just complicated because I'll need to trade it again so more trading fees 🤣🤣🤣 Times are tough, I'm sorry to hear that you gave up 💖🙏 @derishaviar

100% @shazzy

Nah. I gave up on that already. You could try withdrawing XRP as fees are smaller on that @shazzy

💯 @derishaviar

There's no option to change the network 😔 Have you had any luck? @derishaviar

coinbase only allows transfers in the token own network. not like binance or others. @dgsus