Congrats @johannpiber and @justclickindiva have a wonderful new week to everyone. Thanks @combination and @drakernoise on target and on the go! @joanstewart


Hello @combination. Thank you so much for handling the draw. My placing #2 is awesome as I don't usually win in draws. I appreciate all the effort you take in compiling and reporting the statistic of this worthy venture on behalf of the Charity. Take care. @justclickindiva

Thanks so much I appreciate your support. It was nice to win this week. !LUV @justclickindiva

It's not a bit of work but I love the answer from all of you, congratulations for your prize and thanks so much for your suppor, best wishes for the comming week @justclickindiva 🤗 @combination

All clear on my side @iskafan! Enjoy your Sunday and have a wonderful week ahead, best wishes 🤗 @combination

Wow, what a cool surprise on Easter Sunday, thank you so much 😊 Wishing all a wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead I 🌞 *** !BEER and !WINE - both make a nice dinner with !PIZZA :) !invest_vote @johannpiber

Thanks so much kindly, Joan 😊 @johannpiber

<center>PIZZA! PIZZA Holders sent <strong>$PIZZA</strong> tips in this post's comments: @johannpiber<sub>(12/15)</sub> tipped @combination (x1) <sub>Learn more at</sub></center> @pizzabot

Congratulations to the big winners and thank you for the consolation prize. Happy Easter to everyone, I hope you're all are stuffed full of chocolate 😀 @

Congratulations to the winners !ALIVE !PGM !LUV @hafiz34