Here we go again? Just as the masks are coming off and people are feeling a little more free, we are still told Oma Cron (misspelling intentional) is a threat. That’s not what the African nation reported about it, who first noticed it, but that is indeed what we are told. This past Christmas, Oma Cron also gave the “95% effective“ LOL, vaccines a run for their efficacy. Also, BA1 to 3 etc.(misspelling intentional), another threat - as well there are plenty of untapped letters remaining in the Greek alphabet to dress up as a viral bogeyman and scare us via the mainstream news. So here’s the question: do you think covid issues will completely simmer down by the end of the year or will autumn 2022 be the start of another wave of oppressive globalist, WHO-based, militaristic lockdown? A. @alanccc