10 HIVE Poker Tournament Today @ Lucksacks.Com - Join Us! <center><img src ="https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/inthenow/23zkrrQuGCr2GkVjdWVjHQGN8197e7JBNV6XkQT1VAdBPv7qnprmv1D5wC32tXRSMADo2.png"></img></center> <h1>10 HIVE NLH Freeroll - Today at 4PM EST</h1> Calling all poker addicts! Today is Phucket Saturday... and you are invited to my <b>10 HIVE Free Roll!</b> I realize that today is Saturday, and some of you might be otherwise engaged in weekend activities... however, if you got a bit of free time... consider playing some poker today. There be 10 Chips on the line, and if you got the skillz come and take them! <b>All Donks Are Welcome</b> <hr> <b><i>Tournament Information:</i></b> <b>Name</b>: 10 HIVE Phucket Freeroll <b>Game</b>: NLH <b>Time</b>: Saturday at 4:00 p.m. EST <b>Buy In</b>: Free <b>Registration</b>: 120 minutes prior <b>Payout</b>: 10 HIVE <a href="https://lucksacks.com">Lucksacks Poker</a> <h3>Come Take My Chips If You Think You Can!</h3> @inthenow


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See you at the tables! ;) @tipu curate 4 @homesteadlt

<a href="https://tipu.online/hive_curator?homesteadlt" target="_blank">Upvoted &#128076;</a> (Mana: 0/48) <a href="https://peakd.com/hive/@reward.app/reward-app-quick-guide-updated" target="_blank">Liquid rewards</a>. @tipu

Grats on the win. :D Wish there was more players.. I might move it to Sundays maybe see if that helps. @inthenow

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