People will have to repair and help each other, same happened during the strike action last year, never rely on government! When councilors are telling wards that water/electricity will be for certain areas "ANC", before worrying about the rest, they should not be in office! When individuals are creating treason stealing copper cable at a time like this from sub-stations penalty should be shoot on sight. When people at the top no longer care why should they? No we are on our own, help each other as best as possible within each small town, our pensioners in old age homes are sitting without water for 5 days, hospitals have closed with no water available, how far will this rot go? !BEER !PIZZA @joanstewart


The time is now for the leaders to step up and to show their care for the people. But the government has promised a big amount of money and so everyone thinks that it is great and they don't need to do anything. As if the money is going to fix things by itself. In the meantime you are correct, as it is the people tat will have to fix things by themselves. Glad tat it is only a light drizzle and not tons of water again Lady Joan. !BEER !PIZZA @papilloncharity

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If they could not organize a fart in a paper packet before floods, how are they going to do it now? Too many "chiefs and not enough indians" is the saying I believe, all the word slinging matches about colonialism continuously...., yet who steps forward when times are hard Indians, Whites and elderly African men and women. None of these nincompoops in government, or kings nor traditional leaders, hiding in the long grass me thinks. Light drizzle again, sun tried hard for ten minute show! !BEER !PIZZA @joanstewart

All my pleasure Zac 😊 *** !PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :) !invest_vote @johannpiber

![untitled.gif]( @thebigfish

Thank you kindly @johannpiber and @ecency @papilloncharity

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Thank you for the advice and yes I have the "Sports" setting that can take multi shots. But the light was bad and there was even a blur on the still shots. Maybe I will get the tern on video one day, as they are very fast and erratic flyers. !BEER @papilloncharity

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