Were these photos taken with a drone? I loved the two last photos, the city from afar & the #sunset~ ![20220314152636_1.jpg](https://images.ecency.com/DQmW46cjVfzHyyAaVGbDaTFj7LWGksjRiSzUDfSgE7KyJnN/20220314152636_1.jpg) ---- By the way, have you heard about #dbuzzphotochallenge? It's a contest by the [D.Buzz Hive Interface](https://d.buzz) about taking photos, each week themed after an alphabet letter. If you're interested, here are [the Rules.](https://peakd.com/hive-119826/@dbuzz/photo-fridays-have-some-photo-fun-and-have-a-shot-at-winning-10-hive-c-radch0) As photographer you might enjoy it. @ahmadmanga


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Great pictures - thanks for sharing ! !ALIVE !PIZZA @hoosie

Nature through birds eye. <liketuimages> <center> ![405opf20l23m6r08_DJI_0286.JPG](https://api.liketu.com/media/lazybug/405opf20l23m6r08_DJI_0286.JPG) _Lonely Boats._ ![405opf1pl23m6uxq_DJI_0284.JPG](https://api.liketu.com/media/lazybug/405opf1pl23m6uxq_DJI_0284.JPG) _Green Gold._ ![405opf1pl23m77kc_DJI_0302.JPG](https://api.liketu.com/media/lazybug/405opf1pl23m77kc_DJI_0302.JPG) _A Bigger Boat._ ![405opf2bl23m75s0_DJI_0303.JPG](https://api.liketu.com/media/lazybug/405opf2bl23m75s0_DJI_0303.JPG) _A Closer Look of the Bigger Boat._ ![405opf2bl23m7h9x_DJI_0308.JPG](https://api.liketu.com/media/lazybug/405opf2bl23m7h9x_DJI_0308.JPG) _All in One._ ![405opf1el23m7ip2_DJI_0309.JPG](https://api.liketu.com/media/lazybug/405opf1el23m7ip2_DJI_0309.JPG) _The bridge to the other side._ ![405opfwl23m7kzv_DJI_0287.JPG](https://api.liketu.com/media/lazybug/405opfwl23m7kzv_DJI_0287.JPG) _Sunset Through Birds Eye._ </center> </liketuimages> <div class="text-justify"> ### <center>Nature through birds eye.</center> --- **Lonely Boats.** There were four boats there that looked lonely. Do you want to know their story? Well, they were not the same couple of months ago when there was water everywhere around that place. Yeah, I'm talking about the last rainy season when these boats were being used daily for daily meals of some families. These boats are the sole witness of adolescent vocal songs, the thrill of friendship, love poems, the celebration of so many parties (birthday, marriage anniversary, etc), and many more. Now they're stuck there waiting for the next rainy season to show their helpful part again. **Green Gold.** It's our green gold I'm talking about. Those paddy plants are still young at the moment and there are the dreams of many farmers among them. While we see only green tiny plants, I bet the farmers see gold in them. Walking in between these paddy fields gives you so much pleasure that you can't think of while walking inside concrete buildings. **A Bigger Boat.** While my bird was flying with its happiness in mind, suddenly a big boat became visible. It was not close to me and it looked beautiful. So I told my bird to get closer. **A Closer Look of the Bigger Boat.** And my bird went closer to the big boat and I saved that moment by pressing the capture button. I wish there were more lights when I've seen this boat. **All in One.** Now it's kind of a mixture of everything you've seen till that photo. It includes the lonely boats, green gold, and also the bigger boat along with some more fantastic views where there is fog as well. You can see some small houses as well that are situated beside the green fields. **The bridge to the other side.** This bridge is the merger of two villages. When this bridge was not constructed, boats were the only way to get to the other side of the tiny/dead river. Now that bridge is the merger of those two villages and also a place where peoples like to spend the afternoon and evening. This bridge is big in size and it needs quite some time to walk from one side to another side but it looks so small in this photo, isn't it? **Sunset Through Birds Eye.** So a bird sees the sunset from this view!!! It's quite nice. And the sun was also giving its nice color combination with yellow and pinkish violet. The water right below the sun looks impressive, isn't it? It's also the time for birds to get to their home so I've called my bird as well. Then I caged my bird and left the place for that day. Maybe I'll visit that place once again and my birds might get me more shots like this. --- Camera Maker | DJI ---|--- Camera Model | FC7303 F-stop | f/2.8 Focal Length | 4 mm --- <center>**Every photo of this post is captured by me (the author of this post).**</center> <center>** **The End** **</center> --- <center>**"Be Good, Think Good and Do Good"**</center> </div> --- For the best experience view this post on [Liketu](https://liketu.com/@lazybug/nature-through-birds-eye) @lazybug

Such awesome drone photos. love the first and second. @sergiomendes

Thanks for the compliment. @lazybug

Yeah, they're taken with a drone. Thanks for the compliment. and I don't remember hearing about that challenge. I'll try to check on that, thanks. @lazybug