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🎉 365 days! One entire year! Here! With you. 🥰 In a shocking turn of events, I am actually going to keep this extremely short and sweet: ❤️ Thank you all for such a fun and special year here. 2022 was a rollercoaster and the gods only know what 2023 will bring us, but I am SO lucky ya’ll are taking me along for the ride. Thank you for saving me a seat on this Lucky & Blessed Hot Mess Express. Love you!! 🚂🥳 @vampirecampfire

💁🏼‍♀️ A week or two ago I made a post about who is the vampire behind the campfire (me). I posted a picture of myself except now when I think about it, I don’t think I ever told you guys my name. How silly is that??! I’ve been here for almost two months, I talk with many of you pretty regularly now, and I am just realizing this. Oops! How rude of me! My apologies. So now not only will be able to associate a face to the vampirecampfire, but now you can associate a name with it too. My name is Carrington. 🙂 @vampirecampfire

😴 I was taking a nap earlier, and I had a nightmare. I don’t remember all of it, but what I do remember is quite puzzling. 🏚 I was in a big old house. It was empty and falling apart. I was desperately searching for something. I was frantically rushing, looking into all these rooms, but I wasn’t finding whatever I was looking for. The condition of each room was getting worse than the last. The hallway I was running down was getting dirtier and the floor was starting to fall apart. I could see a downstairs below, a floor similar to the one I was on. I was running out of time. 😖 Nightmares are especially terrifying to me because I FEEL them. I get this creepy sleep paralysis where I’m half awake but still dreaming. I can’t move but I can yell and cry and it’s just a terrifying experience. Phew. Anyway. 🧐 The experience of nightmares terrifies me, but dreams fascinate the hell out of me. So of course I have to try to figure out what this means.. 🏡 My mom has always told me that when you dream about a house, the house is actually you. So if you’re searching for something in the house, therek’s something you’re searching within yourself for. My mom has dreamt about searching in houses her whole life. This, at least from what I can recall, is my first time. 🏔 Right before I woke up, I remember I was in the back yard of the big old creepy house. I was standing by a pristine pond- radically out of place considering the house was a mess. The pond was close to the side of a mountain. I looked up at the mountain and an mudslide was coming at me, full speed. ⛈ Then I woke up and it was thundering outside. 😵‍💫 What am I looking for? What am I trying to tell myself? @vampirecampfire

Capitalizing on Advertising From Within One Woman’s Probably Questionable but Hopefully Feasible Concept to Strengthen the DeSo Ecosystem ----------- Originally this was only meant to be a reply to a PaulBurke post, kindly requested by Mashelenn. But.. let’s be completely honest here.. You and I both know VERY well by now, that I would shatter that silly little 5k character limit. Phew. Here we go... Read more at: @vampirecampfire

🏀 You watching that Celtics vs Bulls game tonight? Because I’m not. I don’t watch basketball. Nope. And you wanna know THE. ONLY. reason why?? 🧼 THE. SQUEAKING. 👟 UGH. We are almost 23 years into the second century A.D. We have put people on THE. MOON. A whole damn other planet. We built pyramids before the wheel was invented. And you HONESTLY mean to tell me that we haven’t invented a way to stop these stupid sneakers from squeaking!?! 😩 bball @vampirecampfire

Proud of myself. Woke up with a migraine (ew) and I called off work today. I NEVER take sick days EVER. I’m starting to finally take time for myself and I refuse to let anyone make me feel guilty about it. 😌 @vampirecampfire

⚠️ WARNING: This post is a total bummer, EW! 🏔 It truly is a very lonely place at the top, it really is. Tonight I’m sitting here thinking (that’s twice in one day I’ve been doing some thinking and that within itself is a bit alarming, I really should just close the MacBook and call it a night), and I’m making myself sad on purpose for fun, apparently.. 🎉 Today, tomorrow and Saturday is a HUGE work events for me and if I’m being very honest, it’s quite a lonely and isolating feeling. I have worked VERY hard to get to where I’m at, and I don’t know if this is just me being a brat wanting attention, a period thing, or what, but I really wish I had someone to share my success with. In that same breath though, I have worked VERY hard to get where I’m at, and I’m terrified that if I let anyone new in, they’ll ruin it all. 😢 I came home tonight tonight to and dark and quiet house and I started crying. (Sorry hot neighbor. 🤷‍♀️) I wish someone was here to celebrate my success with me, and I hope I can begin to trust anyone enough ever again to let them into my life and share this fun and success with. /Pity party over. @vampirecampfire

🔌 My monthly electric bill went from ~$250/mo at the old place, down to ~$60 at this new place. Each and every day I fall a little more in love with my new cozy woodsy retreat. 🥰🏡 🍃 And I think it’s safe to say that my little jungle loves this new place too! Finally my #Monstera is looking like a monstera!! 😯 This is the first ever leaf that hatched with holes already in it! 🥳 😌 I hope everyone is having a nice and cozy weekend. monstera @vampirecampfire

Regina's Rugpull - Explained How am I supposed to explain a post that's an explanation? ----------- A brief- I'm not going to spend too much time on this- but a hopefully comprehensive enough understanding of this past summer's events that lead to today's post. I will admit, I am no forensic accountant, but I will certainly try my darnedest to be as simple but thorough, as possible here. Read more at: blogdeltartfformat:{"ops":[{"insert":"Read the full article "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":"on Zirkels here."},{"insert":"\n"}]} rugpull @vampirecampfire

❤️ Thanks to everyone who reached out during this very sad time. My parents went over there shortly after my uncle called with the news and my mom told me when she saw my Papa, he looked extremely at peace, like he was just taking a snooze. That makes my heart very happy. I know he’d have much preferred a peaceful pass in his chair in comfort, than being in pain, hooked up to a bunch of machines in a facility and surrounded by a bunch of people. He was 91, so I know he got to live a very full and rewarding life, but I still miss him. 🤕 I think about death a lot- a lot of a lot, since I’m a big history buff and listen to stories about dead people all day long- and I’ve already had a few people close to me pass, but death still hits different when it’s your Papa I guess. 💔 I keep randomly crying a lot and I’ve only been sleeping in little naps. My headache has slid into a full-blown migraine. Ew. 😢 I am a firm believer that grief is just love without anywhere to go. I’ve got A LOT of love without anywhere to go, now, so it’ll take me awhile to sort things out. I know I’ll get over this soon, but sometimes you just have to let yourself be sad for a day or two. ✨ Thanks again to you all for the kind words and support. I have a lot of lost love floating around right now but there’s A LOT of love safely tucked into this community. Love you all. ❤️❤️ @vampirecampfire

👀 Well, I think I'm all caught up, but now I'm wondering.. where in the hell is everyone?? 😳 @vampirecampfire

🥳 Watch out y’all! Your girl is getting W I L D tonight!! 😴 The only shot this crazy party gal is getting is a flu shot. #ThisIs31 thisis31 @vampirecampfire

🤦🏼‍♀️ I haven’t the slightest idea what else Apple did with this new iOS update but this massive giant bulky clock on my screen has got to go. apple @vampirecampfire

👀 Well, I think it’s safe to say my period of mourning is over and done with. Or at least for the most part. I still very suddenly get a little sad and weepy but then it stops almost as quick as it starts. I’ve moved on from crying to just sighing a lot. It’s a very heavy tired, but a different level of tired, if that makes any sense at all. Plus, there’s just absolutely too much bullshit going on around here that needs calling out, and with each and every dumb occurrence, it’s getting harder and harder to keep quiet. 🙃 @vampirecampfire

😴 I couldn’t sleep at all last night so I just went ahead and drove back early from my little trip. If I know I have something big coming up and I can get it done before I sleep next, I just go ahead and push through it. Otherwise I probably won’t be able to sleep well anyway, knowing I have such a time consuming task ahead of me when I wake up. 🌕 It was a very peaceful night drive home. The moon was absolutely massive since it’s been full this weekend, and the entire trek home it looked as if I was driving straight to the moon with a totally open highway. I wish I could’ve gotten a picture of it but the moon never looks quite as pretty on a phone and I haven’t any idea why. (Not buying my next cool dumb iPhone until they can promise me pretty moon pics. 💁🏼‍♀️) 💤 I hope everyone’s had a nice and restful Sunday. And if you live in the future, I hope Monday’s been good to you so far. I’ve done nothing but nap, chores, nap, eat a snack, repeat. I’m getting cozied up on my couch with my moon and stars blanket, and if I take another nap and sleep until my alarm tomorrow morning, I wouldn’t be upset. ZzZzzzZ ✨ @vampirecampfire

My first ever post yay! I ditched all the social media giants a couple months ago and I thought I quit all social apps for good, but this space gives me some hope again. =) @vampirecampfire

A Walk in the Woods If you had the opportunity to live a life that wasn't yours, would you take it? @vampirecampfire

❄️ Rise just enough to grab more blankets and Snuggle up as much as you can. Because Rising & Shining is a hard pass when you wake up early in a winter jungle wonderland on a weekend. 🌨 🥶 My Cozy Woodsy Retreat is quite cozy this morning, but just for good measure I’ve added an extra blanket to the great big snuggly nest of which is my couch. 😴 Today’s plans include: Snoozing, sleeping, snuggling, snacking, and recharging. Stay cozy out there y’all. 💖 cozy @vampirecampfire

I have a lot of silly ideas for DeSo stuff but I can’t make any of it happen and that’s really frustrating. So I would really like to look further into software development. I know, clueless dumbass newbie normie me over here. 🙋🏼‍♀️ Except, when I was at work the other day, staring at excel formulas all day long, I noticed.. hey… you know what? This stuff looks SUPER complicated.. But I understand this. And you know what else looks just as complicated?? Coding stuff. 🤔 So.. I have a question and maybe this is the stupidest question you’ll ever hear asked but I don’t care, whatever, I’m asking because I don’t know: Would a software developer be able to build/create/whatever, the below- 🚪On whatever DeSo messaging app, a little list of your favorites and whenever they’re online… 👀 The AOL door opening noise opens!! And then I don’t know how to incorporate the door shutting one but who can make this happen? I am so ready for this. ✨ For a node (I really want a vampirecampfire node!! 🥺), I also think it could be cute to see when people you follow are off/online. If you click on their profile it could have a little image somewhere near your info. Like for me, I would want a little campfire burning when I’m online. But when I haven’t been on for awhile, it’ll just be some embers. 😴 🔥 Also on the Node, it will show how many users are online and it’ll be marked as (random number) “124 campers camping” aw. 😌 🤔 So anyone tech savvy..?? is anything like any of this even possible?? Or am I just being weird? 😵‍💫🤷🏼‍♀️ @vampirecampfire

Aw I was able to change my little banner on #Overclout and it's sooo cuuuute. Slowly but surely I'm building my little campfire! 🔥 overclout @vampirecampfire