My mentor (who is working in 3D for 18 years now) once told me there is no way you can learn 3D entirely. Enjoy the freedom and creativity! Have fun doing it. 3d @tonac

As a graphic designer and junior 3d modeler congratz. This is pretty aesthetical. Well done :) 3d @tonac

I adore your posts! It's awesome you've been on many interesting places so young. Also, I find it very amusing how good and precise you can transfer the emotion and the culture from the places you were at. Keep up the good work, waiting to see what you have next! 😉 hive163772 @tonac

Damn! What an achievement. I've been playing for 5 months now and I'm progressing very well, although I'm lack of the real income (lack of cards and levels) to boost my rank even more. I'm waiting for new packs to come so I can build up my decks and be more competitive. neoxian @tonac

She's beautiful, and it really fits on her indeed. I've recently met a girl on a party boat with septum piercing and although it sounds like a prejudice, it seems people with septum piercings are soooo wiggly and are spreading positive vibes. Great to see someone so happy :) piercings @tonac

Seems like you've had an amazing time with your peeps mate! Glad to see it, I've got an awesome vibe from reading this, thank you for that. Have a great day! bullshead @tonac

Amazing contest to get ideas for lunch. I see what you did there 😎 I wish everyone who'll participate lots of good time cooking, fine meals and full bellies. contest @tonac

Waiting for more awesome stuff from you. Very talented and warm person. When you combine that two you really can expect valuable things. All the best @daltono! hive193084 @tonac

Wasn't really much active in the last weeks, but every time I see something new from you, you're "playing" with new crypto. I adore your persistance and effort about crypto in general. How do you even find all those DeFi farms? 😅 defi @tonac

Tekken, fifa, and ufc the only ones I play. I fooking adore those games. Actually smoking some and playing them with my mates is what is ps made for 😂 ccc @tonac

If I've started at your age I'd be a pro now. Keep what you doing sweetheart, you're awesome! digitalart @tonac

This is absolutely true! I've recently read a poem in which author says that life is like an echo. If you think about it a bit deeper you can easly realize it's right like it's said. If you spread a positive energy, I believe you'll recieve the same amount of the energy back, maybe not in a "one piece" like you spread it, but overall, I believe you understand what I want to say. Beautiful article, keep doing what you do and get the best from yourself. Much love from Croatia :) mentalhealth @tonac

Well, you mentioned some good points here. As someone who's yet on the beginning and there's no big profit yet, still... that 13 weeks sounds and ARE too long. You can't calculate well with the price and powering down at the time doesn't guarantee the price will remain high when you meant to sell it. Practically, it's lottery after all. What about the voting power? Does it bothers you that your vote will get noticeably weaker or you calculated with that as well? hive @tonac

I mean, it's not the topic, but it's somehow related to the theme. As a football player, you can obviously see the change (progress) of the game itself. The average player of today could have joined any world team 15 or more years ago. We as a humans improve really fast lately, and if you take a look of **any** segment of life you could see a big difference from not so long ago. Great topic, great elaboration, have a nice day! technology @tonac

Hey Inber, glad you're ok. It's refreshing to see your art and your talent overflowed on a piece of paper. Wish you stay in a peaceful state of mind and creating more of extraordinary stuff! Have a great day and take care of yourself :) blog @tonac

I'm from Croatia. We've got beautiful seas, valleys and forests. We've got mountains as well but not this type. It's beautiful posh @tonac

Amazing landscapes! The views are stunning, we don't have that here. posh @tonac

Beautiful workflow followed by awesome end results! Amazing stuff mate, followed :) design @tonac

It was the original idea, glad you noticed it well. Thank you for nice wishes @justclickindiva, wish you luck too 😊 hive174695 @tonac

Beautiful Ice and beautiful photos! 💚 !LUV photography @tonac