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username: disciplinarity poker @thehamburglar

I'm in username: disciplinarity poker @thehamburglar

Username: Disciplinarity poker @thehamburglar

username: Disciplinarity Hey, that's my favourite hand! poker @thehamburglar

Username: Disciplinarity Here to win 4th again poker @thehamburglar

Irony is I placed 4th, but thanks! poker @thehamburglar

That's right.. I've got no interest in this other than that you don't do this again.. because I enjoy the weekly poker and you did screwed it up more than anyone else did poker @thehamburglar

Everyone wants to place in the money - you extended the money and the game way with your spiteful bullshit - because you welched. As far as I'm concerned that's your reputation gone poker @thehamburglar

more than that even.. it actually fucked up the game.. everyone was slow playing to limp into 4th - the game took much longer than usual and nobody was playing normally poker @thehamburglar

the only shills around here are the ones that crawl up your ass for tips @thehamburglar

excuse... poker @thehamburglar

He was probably only trying to take the highest placing prize - 4th. Because he thought you were trustworthy. If I'd have come 4th you would have screwed me over too with some poker @thehamburglar

you can replay the action on a 3 way preflop all in determined 4th.. it was pretty random. Unless is fixing the cards they deal that is. poker @thehamburglar

PS: I was trying to come 4th last week after I heard about your offer - probably for the best I didn't though poker @thehamburglar

Cynical and untrusting of honest people, naive to scammers who deceive you.. you're all mixed up poker @thehamburglar

It isn't though.. I've come 3rd and 2nd before and got paid straight away poker @thehamburglar

I am here to poker and do better than 5th username: Disciplinarity poker @thehamburglar

n of holders. Probably less than 1M of 42M SOUR are in the wild at the moment - about 400K of which is tightly held by people not likely to sell soon. slptokens @thehamburglar

The 3 largest holders + donate4sour (a cool feature not mentioned) addresses the repository for the tokens held by keepbitcoinfree - if you exclude them you have a better representatio slptokens @thehamburglar

I came 5th in the poker - that's my content! @thehamburglar