Thé cakes ![img_0.9164417540645649.jpg](https://images.ecency.com/DQmRTiCTn5pc4sHrZUFsi6P4dCEh5kDLxrNki5tf5vYwGoA/img_0.9164417540645649.jpg) Thé cakes I bought today, thé modern ones and thé ancient ones , all are delicious with coffee. hive193084 @tagmout

No it isn't mine hhhh, it means I go there , m'y village is there. When I Say it is my country , it doesn't mean it belongs to me hive193084 @tagmout

We don't use pepper for thé quiche but if you want its ok hive193084 @tagmout

Thé quiche ![img_0.36134082766822767.jpg](https://images.ecency.com/DQmevxPWSQxFByDygJZrKH5yXm4u6o2CKjJbZDpFfKJk1iC/img_0.36134082766822767.jpg) ![img_0.762310272463617.jpg](https://images.ecency.com/DQmPVxYeDv4vSjX8fFVwtyRjUsCWzksQyuKym9VG97V83st/img_0.762310272463617.jpg) ![img_0.8237580589788643.jpg](https://images.ecency.com/DQmRnAtNpdUFsoqgzLT9u2LnRDNvsgE7TRJBxcgKLmEzmaK/img_0.8237580589788643.jpg) For our meal after thé fasting day I prepared thé quiche. Do you know what is thé quiche? We have a dough we put on the chicken , thé mushroom, thé olive and we add the eggs and thé cheese . So delicious. hive193084 @tagmout

please what is my hive ID crosspost @tagmout

My moutains ![whatsapp_image_2022_04_18_at_03.29.35.jpeg](https://images.ecency.com/DQmRrXpZNMZS4ZxxgW9BMRLKxwmuCdXi5Q42LrCWP56YHnc/whatsapp_image_2022_04_18_at_03.29.35.jpeg) How do you find my moutains hive193084 @tagmout

Hive keychain it means what? Password wich I received in email crosspost @tagmout

Question , for rewards liké pizza , l'UV ..... Where Can I find them? crosspost @tagmout

bonsoir, je veux joindre la communauté dbuzz. j'ai un ordinateur maintenant. comment faire? m'inscrire ou me connecter. merci love @tagmout

Thé visitor ![img_0.20123043261566298.jpg](https://images.ecency.com/DQmVAzUF8EqMfje2H9cK4WsagLHRwfXhdEjP6NzvHk8RwNK/img_0.20123043261566298.jpg) Kouki my neighbor's cat is on my gate. Hé often comes to see me, you know why? Because sometimes I feed him. hive193084 @tagmout

Thanks hive193084 @tagmout

My night coffee ![img_0.06138367438544331.jpg](https://images.ecency.com/DQmQdvpqLQd5VPRuTtin9DqgfWw2UtGZN4cKnGL9T7VG9Gp/img_0.06138367438544331.jpg) ![img_0.27553045897312184.jpg](https://images.ecency.com/DQmPjPCRYzQv7w61Ns1qq9Y9Y3PNzEQ83V6rjKpLHtZGA6L/img_0.27553045897312184.jpg) After the fasting day I take my coffee with thé strawberry tartelette, made at home. Mmmh so tasty.. Have good day. hive193084 @tagmout

I think borek is turkish invention, you were hère before ,2 centuries ago hive193084 @tagmout

@@ -1,9 +1,8 @@ -%0A !%5Bimg_0. @@ -161,16 +161,17 @@ a wild +f lowers , hive193084 @tagmout

Thé wild flower ![img_0.24080758859071646.jpg](https://images.ecency.com/DQmYqXZBt1S7wjQcCPCDYcnk5wLzsShFVZSqECBJU1djdVP/img_0.24080758859071646.jpg) For thé first time I post a wild lowers ,how do you find them? hive193084 @tagmout

Thé dinner5 ![img_0.8799365292323803.jpg](https://images.ecency.com/DQmfVKyV9PWJUGdq2KRauwPiCSwej7XH5merMb2AGAaziD3/img_0.8799365292323803.jpg) For dinner traditionnal soupe with the bourek. Thé bourek is a sheet of dough wich is stuffed with thé méat and cheese. Enjoy your food hive193084 @tagmout

On thé Gate MyAnimalPhotograhy ![img_0.772435462456151.jpg](https://images.ecency.com/DQmYtC7ZRKaMF7oSiGiiYCsK5SToKvcXohezdnUBecY96n9/img_0.772435462456151.jpg) hive103561 @tagmout

Japenese always in a hurry , is it true? osaka @tagmout

So many food to show, you have many dishes great. osaka @tagmout

All this kind of food, enjoy it. And thé restaurant is so nice place. osaka @tagmout