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StereoGramNFT01 Viewing 3D Images without 3D Glasses Here are ways to be able to view the stereogram image, 1. Bring the image closer to about 5 cm in front of the face. 2. Clear your mind, then blur your vision by not paying attention to the details of the background image. For example, if we read the writing in a small newspaper, don't look at the details letter by letter, but see the writing as interconnected lines. 3. Then move the image slowly until about 20cm, hold the image. 4. Keep blurring, don't blink, if flashing repeat step 1. 5. When you've managed to see some of the images, slide the view over the entire image slowly, so that the 3-dimensional image is perfectly visible. #NFT #NFTZ nft @syarrf

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