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You're welcome dude. If I had more I'd be topping more and investing in other active creators. 🤞 I get some more #post2earn rewards so I can share them out again (otherwise I'm dry here) @stargeezer

Posted yesterday about how to do it from Android and Tijn mentioned he's done it from iPhone before. Hope that helps 💖 @stargeezer

Interesting thread(s) thanks for the tag. I thought this was another positive post and trimmed (read more) - didn't think it'd be worth dropping into. @stargeezer

Everyone builds for the passion 💖 No wages needed when you're hyped on octane fumes ⛽🔥🚀 ....oh.... wait... 🤣🤣🤣 @stargeezer

I won't click on random links. Are these safe (posts by freetrade above). All that displays on DSW is the link - is there a post body on other nodes? @stargeezer

New issues now it progressed past boot - seem to be stalling around block ~9726. @stargeezer

Cheers dude, but yeah that was just me with phat fingers on the phone 👍💖 @stargeezer

Yeah, ruddy typical 💖🤣 @stargeezer

I don't think it's possible. The only way to 'change' a seed phrase would be a SWAP_IDENTITY (swap to a new public key). AFAIK @mp3 @NameTrade is the only way to currently do this, but I don't know if it uses the SWAP_IDENTITY mechanic itself? I think there was some early grief over the core team utilising the mechanic to grab particular usernames, but that was pretty much lost on me - I can only presume it was to grab the celeb handles so as to reserve them (for the highly successful onboarding venture). #TTDT @Sandirose @Randhir @JDArmstrong @vampirecampfire might be able to chip in more detail? devices @stargeezer

I'm just glad things are starting to even out a bit. Plenty to do and plenty to prepare for the upcoming fun and games anyway 💖 @stargeezer

Beautiful shot Mechell 💖 #Photography #Bubbles #Sunset photography @stargeezer

@StarGeezer slowly emerges from a crippling workload... 👇 THE WEATHER (after weeks of clear skies) @stargeezer

Appeared to need both tijns synctype and HYPERSYNC=false to be set in dev.env (wouldn't commented and updated files be nice) @stargeezer

It's not compatible with postgres. Though the backend promises that they're "working on it" 🤣 @stargeezer

No answer, but hopefully got it. @stargeezer

Some of you will know what this means 🔥 (Assuming the sync completes 🤞) @stargeezer

Kept playing and it appears... SYNC_TYPE=blocksync HYPERSYNC=disable Seems to work... possibly... @stargeezer @stargeezer

Argghh @stargeezer

💖 #WeAreAllDeso 💪 @stargeezer