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“We are who we believe we are.” – C.S. Lewis Mount Hood, Oregon https://images.deso.org/71ddba898332ef8875379c5abbcef70592b54598d8ddb5c574cb29fa6de57e1f.webp @spunkart

Please sell my coin! I am out for now! Much 🧡 @spunkart

More paintings, some are done, but many are works in progress! Have a nice Thanksgiving! https://cdn.pearl.app/832e4cbc-e272-4d05-988b-df4595b637ad.webp art @spunkart

Finally got all my artwork at my new place! This is only a tiny portion. Some are finished and some need to be completed. Have a nice day! https://cdn.pearl.app/ba93af4a-4894-489a-97bf-83dd6067ba85.webp artwork @spunkart

Costs nothing to be nice. Have a great day 🧡 @spunkart

Orange Viola https://images.bitclout.com/fbc035326906dbf7a4d270512ca4982c8573225a70a5949cbaa5efe1e8a8b41f.webp @spunkart

Sometimes I remove myself from things and take breaks. It’s safer this way. Hopefully people understand that. Have a nice day. mentalhealthawareness @spunkart

Good morning everyone! 🚀 https://images.deso.org/fcc9d7e714538382d5dc97e34d5f78a0ee18e6292054b6326fbbe8471d47a2c7.gif @spunkart

I love giving back as much as possible, but starting to think it might not be the right thing to do. It is hard to change the way you really are as a person, at least for me. Have a nice weekend. https://images.deso.org/7aa0ac4283163c3635917d5d725eda8c2564b73ca9e3ede5df0636643ee532d0.webp @spunkart

Midnight Original Acrylic Painting https://fpukqp5bzp5ugp6fwf2e7jebyrlhplws7z24hz6t75vahm6nxvha.arweave.net/K-ioP6HL-0M_xbF0T6SBxFZ3rtL-dcPn0_9qA7PNvU4 @spunkart

https://images.deso.org/8709151b00cb4da34d96e923ffa6792e8913f75f07fc772d30d0b243c275e12b.webp @spunkart

One of my favorite paintings I own! My artist friend Skye Taylor made this! It’s 30” x 40” and demands attention! Buy dope art! https://cdn.pearl.app/e58a3fc2-2613-4e06-9977-227a2bceabc8.webp skye @spunkart

My mom’s drawing’s at her art show tonight. She made her first sale ever by selling the bottom one! Very proud of her! https://cdn.pearl.app/a8407752-d8d0-4440-bb22-d363035db7c3.webp @spunkart

SpunkArt #280 Devotion Original Abstract Artwork 2021 https://arweave.net/LjCgMKdZUKhzgMIehgdCYcTrVjHEZCCNeVga49ADVpg @spunkart

Here are some of the big canvases. There is still more. I have a lot of work to do and excited to paint again! Thank you for the support! https://cdn.pearl.app/f8bb87be-2cbf-46bc-84c6-567035e29019.webp @spunkart

Illusion 30” X 40” Acrylic on Canvas https://cdn.pearl.app/60ac1f0e-76ff-4be7-9f44-5daedde5b46e.webp @spunkart

From Within https://o5gwtfgddkf2vl3z4wcn57cgt67kradsphizqhpt44rijsay2v7q.arweave.net/d01plMMai6qveeWE3vxGn76ogHJ50Zgd8-cihMgY1X8 @spunkart

Wild @SpunkArt Guy https://gwow5jii3na6rhppnphjdl3p2jkansopf2rkata6mkajrhsbqfoq.arweave.net/NZ1upQjbQeid72vOka9v0lQGyc8uoqBMHmKAmJ5BgV0 @spunkart

Original Abstract Art Gif Have a nice day! spunkart.nftz.zone https://images.deso.org/0205ee2702d5edfe101523a312046515350c8e422fef0f3623d38f9e820885f3.gif @spunkart

Hope everyone is doing well! Stay safe! https://images.deso.org/26b7e8a4874107b3f5945696dec7c19ba8ba16a1317fddc18860fdffdf19aa67.webp @spunkart