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You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy —Nightbird. @shazzy

100% @shazzy

Those eyes are looking directly at the future 😍. @shazzy

You mentioned "more fees" so I'm trying to say trading fees shouldn't be up to 1cent except it's "different" on Coinbase. I trade mainly on Binance and the trading fees are very fair. @shazzy

Trading fees aren't that high except its different on Coinbase Pro. Thank you @DerishaViar 🤗 @shazzy

Nah. I gave up on that already. You could try withdrawing XRP as fees are smaller on that @shazzy


Check under the USDT withdrawal address to see if TRC20 is available. @shazzy


Haven't watched Nets' game in a while. James Harden always put up a good show. @shazzy

GSW are winning the Championship. Steph Curry is MVP🚀🚀 Periodt. @shazzy

If I were in the arena, I'd booooo at them🤢 @shazzy

Was disgusted by how they played earlier; sluggishly moving around the court and can't even properly pass the ball. @shazzy

Putting it out there, Lakers will not be winning the championship in a long time unless they make significant adjustment. @shazzy

No reason at all. @shazzy

Centralized exchanges sucks a 100% I can understand AscendEx due to the hack but the other two are just plain useless. @shazzy

😂😂 Have you checked today? @shazzy

Haven't logged in on any of those platforms since that time. Kinda gave up on since price was even low. @shazzy

As an aside, Hawks losing to Magic tonight will be quite shocking. #NBA nba @shazzy

At times when the world around me is too loud, I look for quiet within and just breathe. @shazzy