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"Believing in a set future or prophecy is simply infecting the future with the past." - Alan Watts @scottcunningham

What review or guide would you like me to do next? What’s your favorite platform? Where are you spending most of your time? Where are you earning the most? @scottcunningham

Dropping my comprehensive review of over 170 blockchain social or crypto monetized social media platforms tomorrow. My final recommendation comes down to 5 social platforms. Stay tuned! 😁 @scottcunningham

Crypto gains today pushed my net worth over 100k. Bless the almighty #Bitcoin @ the taxman: Jk bitcoin @scottcunningham

This is my criteria for reviewing blockchain social media platforms. What other criteria would you include? Do you agree with these categories? @scottcunningham

Expect setbacks so you're not surprised by them. 💪 @scottcunningham

Will you use SoMee? Do you use SoMee? What are your thoughts on this platform and the ONG token? @scottcunningham

This is my attempt at fully reviewing and going through SoMee Social comprehensively. @scottcunningham

What are your favourite US & Canadian Tech dividend ETFs? 🤔 @scottcunningham

Consolidated some $ETH to $BTC so I could finally have 1 full #Bitcoin bitcoin @scottcunningham

Do you use Hive? Did you learn anything new today? Did I miss anything important? Let me know what you think about this in the comments below and leave any questions or feedback you have @scottcunningham

Check out my chat with the Bitcoin Live brothers! We had a great chat about crypto and investing. @scottcunningham

What are the best cloud storage alternatives, for like 100GBs of cloud storage just for storing the essentials that you like? Ideally like 5$ or less a month. @scottcunningham

If you had $1,000 to invest in any cryptocurrency right now, what would it be? 🤔 @scottcunningham

Lots of people use my referral link for LBRY to sign up which helps a lot and it's a great platform too! 👍 If you haven't gotten started on LBRY, I recommend it!$/invite/@ScottCBusiness:4 👈 @scottcunningham

If you haven't seen this video by the World Economic Forum, you should watch it. They predict that in the next 10 years, YOU WILL OWN NOTHING. @scottcunningham

Scarcity assets are the answer. It's how you protect yourself financially. Soon it's not even going to be about getting rich. It's going to be just about not becoming poor. 💸 @scottcunningham

On Not Another Bitcoin podcast with Kenn Bosak @scottcunningham

There are a million ways to make money, but none of them are easy or fast You can get lucky, but no one will teach you luck. 💸 @scottcunningham

Groups search for consensus. Individuals search for truth. Be an individual, not a number. Seek out the truth yourself. 🕵️‍♂️ @scottcunningham