Hello! I never know if I am DEAD or ALIVE But the reward is high: FR: 50/50 bringing quantum uncertainty to crypto

Man, thank you! Love generous people who make me a little bit happier:) https://images.bitclout.com/610389d0f84dc7f00fbf0e23eab995b48371be9ce348853f4caef38feed608f7.webp @s0s0

If you feel bad alone, mos probably you're in a bad company @s0s0

A bit of predictions, futurology and stuff. Universal (Unconditional) Basic Income will be only real when Central Bank owns the largest AI server(s). AI will convert the energy of our attention to whatever. This is the only currency - energy of our attention. @s0s0

REMINDER FOR THE NEWCOMERS. YIKES! DON'T lower your %FR unless you buy your coins! DO: go to bitcloutwelcome.com - the page explains a lot. At joinbitclout.com you can receive 11.11 USD. And with bitcloutfollow.com explore people by your interests. Reclout if you dare! https://images.bitclout.com/d80d172160ac8efcd2351bd6a9e589a431cb00f23ae4683c095f0b290387e840.webp @s0s0

Believe me or not. I've just imagined the political system - the decentralized governing society build on smart contracts. The state is just a service provider. As it should be. Imagine your vote as a signature under the smart contract. If some movement or party or a politician fails to achieve your expectations - the mandate is called back. Which, after implementing this logic, means another sophisticated level of crypto corruption, right? @s0s0

Have you ever appreciated this treasure of having your OWN thoughts? Not the ones built from bricks of what was learned, what was suggested to you as right, inherited from your parents, culture and your social environment? Did you ever analyze that even the way of thinking is built of them, those pre-existing bricks? Metaverse will make our manipulated minds even more prone to re-configuration. Who would be those to shape the new bricks of our reality? @s0s0

Daaamn. If it goes this way soon I'd not have any liquidity to speculate. All my moni get frozen in perspective NFT coins! @s0s0

You should really be empathic, mate. I mean, put yourself in my shoes. Do you know what is the edgiest thing about hedgehogs? It's when we mate, mate. Imagine my feelings, just a second. You climb on your beautiful edgy wife's back. Tons of thorns. And you're sensitive and horny as fuck. Do you see my point? @s0s0

@MRE, now you can see what has happened. I did my best to warn you. https://images.deso.org/7b8979c0607c37c359a153942cd9df5a3a6478c92f93128a9aa09fcde5c8f087.webp @s0s0

I have an idea to share. I see how BitClout can evolve and what it can be. I thought about it a lot because today's platform is extremely boring for me. And for newcomers who don't see how to interact here, and leave. Copy-Pasting any existing stuff is bs. I imagine a Utopia with totally new forms of interaction. I think we can build it, really create it. And continue to play crazy social games, vote with Clout, pay with clout, and have more fun! I really want to reach devs and share my vision. But dunno how:) Pls advice @100, @itsaditya, @nickfrompulse @s0s0

I don't understand why one of these hyped decentralization's benefits is anonymous and autonomous private money. Decentralization would be just another way for the world's wealth to take more of your money and land. While people are busy buying their VR parcels. @s0s0

Thank you TsenShun!!! I'm reinvesting back to my coin now. It's hard to calculate the half of that, so I put 1. https://images.bitclout.com/880b044bed5f3a24a17aef5dcd5753130f4378319475ad61a7af1d063331d921.webp @s0s0

ME0W! @s0s0

And again...one more time) @s0s0

The stuff that dreams are made of https://images.bitclout.com/b643e2a764fae10fa889cadc7b343f156be9b2b53e6cb3d83a17ad4355934c6c.webp @s0s0

@MRE You were front-run buy bot. It bought 7 of your coins or so for just 41 USD. You topped it with 933 USD, and hold 15 coins. If the bot sells, it would take 7 x 100 USD approx = 700+. It's tokenomics of this space. SELL your coins from your wallet IMMEDIATELY. then restart the account fresh. I tried and now I'm tired to explain it to you. Go to your wallet and sell your coins to save you buck. https://images.deso.org/c71e31f95f17b6326bcd4812faf1add49f1139f1e022b00ee7ec6141b41b4fac.webp @s0s0

I use @cloutception, thanks for this free and superb browser extension that shows creator's status and even wallet. Would be grate to see user's current FR% there, too. https://images.bitclout.com/4ee79e8c433ede938754729134c45055a1041b0e8a98fbe0173a5dd3bbb870df.webp @s0s0

Status: ? Status: ^^ mining and meowing... @s0s0

I never feel like going to the MOON. What for? I love my box. Comfy here. And I don't compare. @s0s0

You're asking about purpose. I think it's just a bridge to another social universe - with AI-generated characters, interaction, and even new social VALUES. BitClout is a game where we all play the evolutionary role of dinosaurs tbh. @s0s0