Hello @maniman, It morning over here. Good morning Sir. I have 3 account but only this is active. I lost keys for two account few days after registering. I’ve never made a post there. dbuzz @paulyoung1

Pencil sketch of a lady Hello everyone, I want to share with you all my recent sketch practice. I’m a novice but I’m still working hard to become perfect of which I’ll achieve it before this month ends. ![img_5044.jpg]( I used a ball tip purple ink pen because it is my favorite color. Below are my progress shot. Thanks for viewing my practice. ![img_5041.jpg]( ![img_5042.jpg]( ![img_5043.jpg]( ![img_5044.jpg]( **Finished work** Again, thanks for viewing hive148441 @paulyoung1

GREAT JOY - Successful registered an online friend through chat. Joining **hive** was a great joy to me that’s why I promised to register some of my friends too in my **introduction post**. Luckily, I’ve been able to accomplish my dream. ![0AEB3946-48B4-47C8-8239-61B365848DE2.jpeg]( [source]( @blackalbino1 is my first successful recruit. I got to inform her through a WhatsApp chat. Her real name is Sam Angela. She is a brilliant young lady that loves sharing her experiences with lot of people. Currently, she is learning markdown and other rules gradually and will become a consistent user. ##Prove of chat ![51D29DF0-AF97-4313-A6BF-D1DC49CBD8A1.jpeg]( ![04B74E45-FC71-4218-95A9-628E486E1812.jpeg]( Hive is an amazing place that I’ve enjoy since I started using it. As a newbie here, I and my friend have limited ideas about important things but we will never give. Please, everyone should happily assist us to know more about hive within a short time. We promise to be a devoted hiver, recruit active members over here in order to create awareness of Hive. God will give us strength to actualize our goals. Thanks for reading my post *Happy new year to everyone* nigeria @paulyoung1

Dominic Utuk Park - An evergreen place to relax <div class"text-justify"> Hello hivers, since the year his still new, I’ll not fail to say; A happy new year and wishing everyone a prosperous new year. I’m lucky to know this hive and amazing community as well as it will be giving me the privilege of sharing my tour experience with you all. Despite that I’m still new here, the love and support is extraordinarily and I’m glad to receive it because it is more than a motivation to me. In this writeup, I’ll be talking about **an evergreen place** in my hometown. ![09F42B83-9B0A-430F-B374-8039E1292769.jpeg]( ![20EA54F5-2800-4486-904D-81775B01508D.jpeg]( **DOMINIC UTUK AVENUE PARK** is a place that attract lot of visitors daily. It is located at Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. A state that is located at Southern part of Nigeria. ![663E6CE6-AE04-4686-8665-06254AF6C850.jpeg]( ![1524B501-F848-42A3-9065-1D28A3D7ADC3.jpeg]( The park is serene and comfortable to relax. Free from any form of insecurity. Everything that anybody are free. During evening time, it is always filled with people that want to relax outdoor. Games such as whot, draft, cheese and ayo are available at store for anybody to pick, enjoy and return it safely. As for the fruit (mango, coconut etc), there is no restrictions in plucking them. ![A6ABEF1F-8B83-4191-A4D9-F8EDF50BAE96.jpeg]( ![6AE01991-ABF9-4088-BFB5-E4D1EE46CA12.jpeg]( ![A8233A9A-BAAC-4194-87EF-28512F962F84.jpeg]( ![709662D3-3127-4972-886A-88C4639E7E1A.jpeg]( The grass are fumigate regularly. There is a neat trash can for disposal of trashes. Close to the park, there is an eatery called **Oliver Twists**. Many people don’t like relaxing anymore at the eatery. They prefer parking their car at the eatery, take a stroll to the park to enjoy their meals. Yesterday, I was able to visit the park and spend some hours again. There, I capture lot of photos and selfies as well. It was a pleasant experience because the weather was very friendly. ![5AA059D8-5977-4F97-88BE-11C8A60325DC.jpeg]( ![6F0DE7E6-3C92-46A5-96C5-2E1E4E4CAAC9.jpeg]( Checking the photos, Dominic Utuk park is divided into two by a large gutter. You may be surprised. However, let’s check history of this park as it will explain the reason. ![202D990F-40BA-4BF3-9ECA-C030331642ED.jpeg]( Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom is surrounded by lot of ravines. This ravine network themselves by dividing some of the roads into two that’s why the some road have a bridge. ![CC9F2F53-DD75-44BD-8AB2-AEF751C187B3.jpeg]( Prior to the creation of the park, the place was a large ravine that attempted to divide the road. The former governor of the state by name Godwill Akpabio had a unique vision of converting every nearby ravine to a small park and Dominic Utuk ravine was among. ![1BF85001-96DB-4158-BB41-2B75C84643EB.jpeg]( ![221E4215-F7F0-49E4-BF5B-E4506828237D.jpeg]( The construction commenced on December, 2014 and was handled by NigerPet Civil Construction Company a British Company and it took lasted for about 8 months. ![C25CE0E5-ACEE-4256-A194-F1657B374A96.jpeg]( Today, the place is unbelievable when compared with previous situation and I’m a beneficiary of the executed project. Every time I visit Dominic Utuk park, I see lovely people having funs with their families and salute the vision that outgone leaders of the state had. ![E2E3B60A-4DE6-4E65-B262-D5EDFFF635C9.jpeg]( ![62D3B9C9-3559-4CDC-AB16-E477506BB3BC.jpeg]( ![55D16B5D-6B3B-4B6F-80D8-72F326B21D9B.jpeg]( ![21B08447-C719-413D-815A-D415FB326D75.jpeg]( ***Dear hivers, hope you will create time to visit this place soon?*** </div> photographylovers @paulyoung1

I’ve edit it Thanks for correction ocd @paulyoung1

MY HAPPY NEW YEAR PEN SKETCH: Happy new year to hive users and thanks to up voters <div class"text-justify"> I want to say **A THANK YOU TO ALL HIVE USERS, OCD team** etc. Joining Hive is a great step that I took last year. Although I didn’t use my account immediately because of an unexpected predicament. I’m glad that I and you all have witness today. ![D354C5B2-F63A-4770-815C-BE4DFB760762.jpeg]( **Our success shall be unlimited. Hive will remain the best and most popular social network. Hive will break $10 record Hive dollar will break $5 record More great communities will be create. And many more great thing shall cross our path, amen** ## Below are my progress shots: ![C78BF37F-CBAF-4CC7-917E-82292922E420.jpeg]( ![2A109C79-B5BF-4062-86CB-AE1EADC15AB4.jpeg]( ![311EED85-5C12-4642-B0D2-D217A80D3E6E.jpeg]( ![C5586B31-82DD-4690-918E-34A0D6EB7A72.jpeg]( Special thanks to people that have been finding time to up vote and active members **appreciator** @alexi555 @offgridlife @roelandp @tobetada, @stemrant @imfarhad, @elizafhaye @servant7 @coyotelation @pishio @therealyme @niallon @breelikeatree @fatimajunio @gleam-of-light @hiro-hive @maxwellmarcusart @fw205 @dagobert007, @ranchorelaxo @steempty @trafalgar @katherin-w @traf @giuatt07 @raindrop @penguinpablo @haejin @qurator @samantha-w etc To everyone that I’ve not tag, my sincere apologies. More blessings for you all. 2022 will continue to favor us, amen. I was opportune to join **Hive** and be aware of how crypto currency works in the year 2021. Although I wasn’t able to use my profile due to predicament that befall me but I’m happy that I’ve witness today and **hive** have grow rapidly. Today, been 1st January 2022, I commence my journey of been an active user by posting my arts and photographs, promote hive in my neighborhood and engage in many post. ***THANKS FOR READING MY POST AND CHECKING MY ART*** ***I appreciate*** </div> ocd @paulyoung1

HAPPY NEW YEAR 🌷🌹 My greatest incident is not been able to use my account immediately after registration since May. Looking at your post, the goals and vision that you draft out worth emulating. I pray for grace to be able to reach at least 5% of your current state before the 2022 ends. Thanks for amazing post. deutsch @paulyoung1

Your post and comments is the reason my love for Hive keep growing. Hive, a platform that offers opportunities for everyone to grow. Much respect Sir leofinance @paulyoung1

Drawing of my mentor **Hello everyone**, I want to show you my finished art of my mentor. I used charcoal pencil and cardboard paper to create it. I used a trimmed eraser to create highlights. The size is 14inches X 17inches. I spent 7hrs in a day. Hope you will like it. ![FCC73D57-F650-47E4-9528-B84AD4385A32.jpeg]( ## Here is my progress shot ![DC20E27C-853A-4B51-8841-9C61EAD7FA87.jpeg]( ![BF315402-208F-44EC-A5FF-E86B76328B3A.jpeg]( ![B17AFC6B-2C40-4E2A-9115-9167F3FAA67D.jpeg]( ![D8199F5F-4035-44BB-8C52-CCF7C4D6D1BC.jpeg]( ![1AEB1198-584C-4C92-958D-4FA77940105B.jpeg]( ![672B0D84-21FE-43A9-85AC-2894A0FE0096.jpeg]( ## Finished ![FCC73D57-F650-47E4-9528-B84AD4385A32.jpeg]( Thank you for checking my post I pray to become a professional artist soon, Amen. gem @paulyoung1

This Is My Introduction Post - I’m glad to be on Hive. <div class"text-justify"> ![51C891F6-7F22-4F7D-8105-FE643E7DC0EB.jpeg]( ## Gratitude: My total respect goes to @dave-estates for introducing Hive platform to me. Hoping to register lot of others too. ## Bio � My name Paul Etimetor but I’m popularly known as Artist Paul young. I am from Akwa Ibom. A state that is located at Southern part of Nigeria near Atlantic Ocean. I am a Christian since birth. I’m chocolate in complexion, 25yrs and 5.8ft tall. I’m currently studying Power and Plant technology, an option in Mechanical Engineering and hoping to graduate soon. ![BD9C0CCB-E4A4-4D8D-A9E2-8310A660E4D1.jpeg]( ## Hobbies * **Drawing** �� I love drawing that’s why I devoted myself to learn how to draw realistic portrait on YouTube charcoals but I prefer silhouette drawing practice. I like spending hours detailing my drawing so that it will be realistic. I started drawing practice since 2019. ![A978D8D8-8999-4BA7-B18C-7444438BB3CA.jpeg]( * **My drawing and reference photo.** I’m glad that I’ve been able to pass down my little skills to people that have interest in learning from me. I hope that very soon, my arts will be exhibit overseas. I believe that I’ll have a friend to draw in this platform of which I can’t wait. Kindly be checking my profile to view my regular posts, thanks. I’ll happily follow you immediately I see your comment. ### My arts ![CADC0868-DAF3-49B9-8A06-EA7F8AAD18B4.jpeg]( ![6C13A2CD-3851-4B1D-9EC2-DBCDAD52CF56.jpeg]( * **Photographing** I love taking landscape photographs. I’ve visit some parks and forests over here just because of looking for a nice natural landscape to snap. I am glad that my new phone have a good camera because I missed photographing. I’m lucky that many of my landscape photos have been admired by lots of people and that a great encouragement to me. Photograph always give us memories that’s why I like taking photos. passion for photographing My best color format is black and white that why prefer snapping using it. ![C677DA10-231A-4BE5-9AD6-E9BE7F135968.jpeg]( ![4E874B75-B0CA-45AF-884A-659C63AAC0E6.jpeg]( ## Other hobbies I like reading news and historical informations. I also like meeting new people and sharing experience with them. I’ve been opportune to travel to some states in my country and that have given me an opportunity to meet and make new families. Well, I’ve not been opportune to travel overseas as that would have given me opportunity to make friends with international people. In Europe, I prefer England and Germany, USA and Canada in America and Singapore and Vietnam in Asia.I dream of a day I’ll visit at least one immediately I graduate, Amen. ## Dislikes �� It is a phenomenon that we all have a likes and dislikes. I believe in a world of utopia. I hate racism. Black or white, short or tall etc, we are all beautiful people that are blessed with unique talents. I hate attitudes that hurts others e.g. stealing, lying, insulting etc. I know that nobody is perfect but it our responsibility to live a good life. I believe the golden rules; Do unto others what you want them to do unto you and **Karma** as well. ## Favorite meal🥘 I like eating fruits most especially, at night. My favorite fruits are watermelon, banana, pawpaw and coconut. ![6AC2FF6C-A5E1-4828-BB8A-1A46649FD4D7.jpeg]( Eating ripe plantain and egg sauce is my most preferable breakfast. Here in Nigeria, there is a meal combination called soup and garri. I love it and beans too because they are good source of carbohydrates. ## Oath of conduct: I’ve been able to know some rules that govern this platform through @livinguktaiwan pin post titled [3 things that Newbies should do in their first week on Hive]( which are; * Avoid plagiarism * Join communities * Be an active user * Engage on post etc **I promise to obey all the rules and regulations.** ## What i will be posting * Sharing of my art skills by teaching anybody that is interested. * Realistic arts * Silhouette arts * Art review and history * Amazing facts etc ## Vision and goals on Hive community: It astonished me that there is no promoter of this amazing platform in my state. This would have help a lot of people to get to know about it. I will take a bold step of doing that in order to make it a popular platform over here. Since I’m a newbie, I don’t know the criteria but hoping to know very soon. Been an active user is my great priority as well because consistency is the key and hive is a platform that deserves it. I’ve started following people. I will be glad to have new caring friends very soon. I will not fail to say a **BIG THANK YOU** to @livinguktaiwan, @anggreklestari and @appreciator and all the admins/OCD teams for their great efforts in helping newbies to enjoy this platform and get acquainted with basics. God bless you all, Amen. **Thanks you for reading my introduction post** **I’ll be glad to read your comments.** **Much love**💕 </div> introduceyourself @paulyoung1