WHAT EVERY EMPLOYEE MUST KNOW <div class="text-justify"> ![people-335298__480.jpg]( [Image by DeeMar on pixabay]( As an employee, you must strike a balance between working for someone and working on yourself. It's good to be dedicated and committed to your work, but don't ever do that without creating time to improve yourself. There's no ounce of doubt that employers love committed and dedicated staff, but more than anything, they love result oriented staff. They want someone who can get the job done, maybe even above their projections. Everyone loves that extra magic. They want to see their enterprise moving from where it is to a higher level. They need results that would foster growth. You might put in the hours and even take on other people's tasks, but if what you're bringing to the table isn't ensuring the growth of the establishment, be rest assured that your employers are looking for your replacement as we speak. In the corporate society, no one really cares about your feelings. What they care about is the result. I once had a banter with a seasoned academician, who is both a university lecturer and a school owner. Being a more experienced person than me, he spoke to me on the need to hone my skill, until I gain mastery over what I do. He narrated how an academic institution wanted to restructure its operation. The proprietor of the school wanted to change the system from what it was to a stellar magnitude. He needed an overhaul. The school had an administrative head who was being paid a moderate salary. After weighing the administrator's capacity, the school owner concluded that the man lacked the ability to pilot the establishment to its proposed destination. The administrative head was fired. I'm sure he didn't see it coming. He must have grown comfortable waking up every morning to go to work, without thinking of how to increase his capacity. The interesting thing is that the school owner hired someone else, whom he paid eight times the salary he paid the man he fired. *** *** Similarly when there's an economic meltdown, company's survival tactics are mostly to cut down expenditures. One of the ways to do that is reducing the number of people on payroll. That usually leads to massive dismissal of staff. No matter how it is, some workers would still be retained. And that's going to be the highly valuable ones. Don't spend a week without reading journals on the latest development in your industry. Find out the latest tools needed for superb delivery of your duty. Think of how you could drive your unit higher. During boardroom the meetings, be that person with the blueprint on how to execute the projects your corporation is embarking on. No one rejects value. People don't have to like you, when you're valuable you can't be ignored. I'm @Mmykel, and I'm always cheering for your success. </div> proofofbrain @mmykel

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> However, when it comes to business purposes, most are going to opt to operate with stablecoins I can so well relate with this. If I am to do a real life transaction with people, I would prefer being paid with a stablecoin. The other coins however provides the much needed excitement, that brings people to the crypto space. We love that possibility of earning millions overnight, and the downside is that we can also lose millions. Lemme add that I love all the innovation that's happening in the crypto world. Posted Using [LeoFinance <sup>Beta</sup>]( hbd @mmykel

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