Entrepreneur making dreams come true! Founder: @ScammersAlert Company and Investments: Traveling the World meeting every single one of you...

What a Savage World! It was amazing making something out of nothing! but now it just makes no sense... So l will just keep travelling... @deso life. Just for the Experience! @millionairedad

Congratulations on the big day another step to success! All of my Love to you!!! @millionairedad

This is just the Beginning! @millionairedad

Great Article! @nader @millionairedad

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1-Engage with the Community, internally since several developments could be implemented without the need of external sources. 2-Keep building and develop strategic alliances assign roles internally with active users. 3-Prevent scams and rug pulls! 3-Some great progress was reached during the last 24 hours. Contact with jack and Twitter also Interviews with main channels. So Yes there is hope! we should just keep going strong! those are my two cents @spanishclub :) @millionairedad

The stuff that dreams are made off, is not just blah blah blah but Action Action Action! Come on @nader @deso you could do better than that... Regards from Switzerland! @millionairedad

Ibiza it is!...see you all there be ready! lfg @millionairedad


Correct! @millionairedad

Is not Prague! good try!!! @millionairedad

Just Traveling and Loving the world as it is...apparently the upgrade of Diamond App was more like a back to basics in design it reminds me the good old @BitClout nothing more nothing less. keeping strong with @DeSocialWorld Meanwhile let's enjoy this new city. And if you are around and recognize this beautiful city, take a guess and let me know in the comments and my Investment might go to you... Back to Basics Let's Go! @millionairedad

Helsinki €132 Let's Go! @millionairedad

Congratulations! Enjoy!!! @millionairedad

Enjoy the ride! @millionairedad

Thanks for the Investment @Jobs_ Appreciated!!! @millionairedad

did you know Seelz has a secret service? I like to see the ways of the World, Let's keep building...The spirit is Up and there are no limits. @deso @nader @maebeam @BitClout @bitcoin @wilfriedchung @sabira @frenchconnector @PhotographersCorner @ElrickErikose @mp3 @DrRobertSadowski @CryptoGraphr @ballernews @goattrade @marionawfal @Krassenstein @Millionairemind @DOZ @gregcatch @fin_hartmann @efedoto @valeriaC @DesoEuropeans @DeSocialWorld @DrRob Internal sensor? @millionairedad

Let's Win! @wilfriedchung @DrRobertSadowski @sabira @FrenchConnector @mp3 @millionairedad

Europe Let's Go! Thanks for the mention! krassensteindaily @millionairedad