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How was it? There's only two or three coffee places around here under $6 a cup :( Been making it myself at home to save money hah @milhousevanhouten @milhousevanhouten

Bunch of blue hat? @milhousevanhouten

πŸ™πŸ›Έ @milhousevanhouten @milhousevanhouten

πŸ‘πŸ‘ @milhousevanhouten

And he did it with zero magic powers. @milhousevanhouten

If you’re looking for plant-based spicy nuggs this is it! @milhousevanhouten

oooo sorry to hear that. Didja get it back yet? It's gonna be so nice to use when it's done! @milhousevanhouten @milhousevanhouten @milhousevanhouten @milhousevanhouten

Damn, worked for me. Sorry to hear you're having issues with it :( @milhousevanhouten

Every time I login to Microsoft Teams, I die a little bit. @milhousevanhouten

I wrote all of mine down in a book. It's a small pain entering them but they can't be digitally wiped out :) @milhousevanhouten

That's wild! I love that the owner just gave up on amounts. I've never seen that haha. @milhousevanhouten

Wow this is cold for August in Utah. I put a hoodie on to take the dogs out this morning! @milhousevanhouten

That makes sense. Grandmas might be a little ways down the road, so you may want to consider adding something off to the side for existing users to get some adoption now. I almost skipped it entirely when it required an email address just to get to deso identity. @milhousevanhouten

Definitely want to understand why my email address is required to get to the deso identity login on @zirkels Looking forward to the response, thanks! @milhousevanhouten