Real life has taken precedence over my virtual life. I have met many fantastic friends along the way. This is a dead account now, and will not be checked for some time. FR is at 100%. I wish you all well on this journey and only wish the timing of my life had been better. Good luck to all and to $DE

Not Financial Advice - I am going to leave the platform for some time. If I have met you and we have formed a bond/relationship I am sending your coins back. I will not sell my coins until Friday at 5pm so please feel free to sell of my coin to minimize your losses. @michaelgiordano

Will make the time to check them out today. @michaelgiordano

Slowly getting to where I need to be for this weekend. What did I miss yesterday? @michaelgiordano

Gorgeous photograph. The light hits it perfectly!! @michaelgiordano

@JULS - thank you. I fully agree. 8-) @michaelgiordano

Thank you @phoobiedoo 8-) @michaelgiordano

Healthy is the most important thing. I would not post baby pictures either so fully understood. Enjoy man!! @michaelgiordano

Congratulations @flanagan!! @michaelgiordano

Happy Monday everyone. The final countdown is on and I could not be more excited. No, this is not a "Why I am bullish on Bitclout post". This is a real life, and extraordinary type of post. In T-minus 6 days, I will be marrying the love of my life. This woman is amazing, and is the partner I have been looking for my entire life. My daughter asked me if I regretted not meeting her sooner and I had to explain I did not. I told her I need the extra time to make myself better so I could be the man she deserved, and we met at the exact time. Live life in the moment. Enjoy the preset and don't dwell on the past or obsess about the future. I did not know that a simple date, a little over a year ago would bring me a Wife, a new daughter, and some of the greatest joy in my life. This may be one of the best Monday's ever. 8-) @michaelgiordano


Excellent as always man. @michaelgiordano

How did @DrRobertSadowski know I need a mid-afternoon lift like this today? Thanks man and hope all is well with you. @michaelgiordano

@MyKeyStew anyone that knows you, is fully aware of that man. Hope your boy is good to go. @michaelgiordano


@MyKeyStew the only important thing is that your son is okay. Nothing else matters. @michaelgiordano

Good morning to everyone. Hope your Friday is successful one and you achieve all your goals for today. @michaelgiordano

There goes the pot calling the kettle black - me. I do *wish, more people were better organized. @michaelgiordano

Not offloaded one $Clout yet. All on platform with more coming. @michaelgiordano

Running around is not always bad. Running around with no agenda or plan is awful however. I do with more people were better organized. @michaelgiordano

Last week was a trying one personally for me, so it was not a good NachoAverage for me. We are off tomorrow, in the US, but will catch up with you on Tuesday? Back to Work and Lurk mode. 8-) @michaelgiordano