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Would color would you get this Audi in? @miamidade

Dream house? @miamidade

GOOD NIGHT @miamidade

Jet Ski anyone? @miamidade

JAZZ MODE @miamidade

Future car? @miamidade

Good morning from beautiful Miami, Florida! @miamidade

Who here is a Miami Dolphins fan? @miamidade

BEAUTIFUL @miamidade

Praying for the affected and their families in today's tragedy in Surfside, Florida. Moments like this give us time to reflect and appreciate the small blessings we have. @miamidade

Feeling great @miamidade

That view! @miamidade

Saint Laurent @miamidade

Miami me lo confirmo! 🌴🦩 @miamidade

Going places? @miamidade

Wynwood Miami @miamidade

Waiting for Lebron James to take his talents to South clout @miamidade

GIVENCHY @miamidade

My kind of SUPERHEROES @miamidade