Yes please! Love the new time!! poker @metoestrus473

Yes please! poker @metoestrus473

Yeah! poker @metoestrus473

Yes please! poker @metoestrus473

Does it only work for the imgur site? Can't just link to a gif anywhere? member @metoestrus473

Very helpful thanks Nuggets! How about uploading a gif please? member @metoestrus473

Can you help me @FreeTrade please!? Point me to a FAQ or something? I looked under the Memo topic without luck... poker @metoestrus473

I need a lesson in how to post a pic! poker @metoestrus473

Don't suppose I can edit or delete this? poker @metoestrus473

Posting FAIL! poker @metoestrus473

|r-gif-6004041">Poker GIF</a> from <a href="">Poker GIFs</a></div><script type="text/javascript" async src=""></script> poker @metoestrus473

<div class="tenor-gif-embed" data-postid="6004041" data-share-method="host" data-width="100%" data-aspect-ratio="1.0"><a href=" poker @metoestrus473

[Shove that stack!]( poker @metoestrus473

Think I need to do more of this to finally get a place in the Member Freeroll... poker @metoestrus473

Thank you! The settings cog was really lagging for me... member @metoestrus473

Why would you not do what you said you would? poker @metoestrus473

Now to try and find it member @metoestrus473

That's no good. Feel sorry for that person... Have a vague memory of them going hard with a bad hand on the bubble. poker @metoestrus473

E.g. or Badger or Zapit should all be good sour @metoestrus473

A non custodial wallet in a si gle address sour @metoestrus473