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Beautiful shadows and a lovely Feathered Friends photo, too! Sad that the old Bridge burned down I hope it is replaced with something lovely. Thanks for supporting the shadow contest. hive179017 @melinda010100

Easter eggs ### My darling daughter in law created these wonderful Easter eggs. They are so pretty that it has been rather sad to peel them and use them in salads! But they have allowed me some fun photo opportunities. ![img_0.3916060295694627.jpg]( ![img_0.102867645113826.jpg]( ![img_0.25780533465486344.jpg]( ### The eggs in the center of the tray were colored by my daughter using onion skins and blueberries. ![img_0.18431419424581658.jpg]( ### I started collecting ornaments for my Easter tree when my kids were small, and I have accumulated so many that I had to find a bigger branch to hang them on. My aunt had a similar 'tree' when I was a child and carrying on this tradition is one of the many things that brings me fond memories of her and of my childhood. ![img_0.8928550071400977.jpg]( ## I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! ![img_0.6208832273967925.jpg]( ## ![Posted using Ecency Love]( hive150329 @melinda010100

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I do feel sad for stray animals. Their future can't be very bright. Great shadow photos, though! Thanks for entering the shadow contest again! ♥️ hive179017 @melinda010100

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It seems that the lamb mold requires a special dense cake recipe so that the cake can stand when you unmold it. It was really delicious! hive124452 @melinda010100

I do not know of that tradition! hive124452 @melinda010100

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Such lovely shadow photos! Thanks for entering the shadow contest! 🌞 hive179017 @melinda010100

A wonderful Shadow photo! Thanks for entering the shadow contest! 🌞 hive179017 @melinda010100

Lovely shadow photo! After the past 2 years, I can only imagine how everyone is looking forward to Eid al-Fitr this year. hive179017 @melinda010100