I've been wondering if the focus on being a social Media chain has dropped us into our own echo chamber. leofinance @manniman

People should not focus on whales at all, put value out there and you will receive value back. leofinance @manniman

Yep, I get it already, that's a very good idea! leofinance @manniman

Bloody true, this is the way.![untitled.gif]( leofinance @manniman

![untitled.gif]( deutsch @manniman

Tatsächlich sehr lustig 🤣 deutsch @manniman


That‘s the best monopoly I‘ve seen so far, d’Love to win that vs you *smirk* leo @manniman


perfect match spklogos @manniman

that's cool because it's telling! spklogos @manniman

Yo Eco, looking slick with all that independency :) offgrid @manniman

Conviction is certain. hbd @manniman

Conspiracy to increase wealth of HIVERs by printing debt (HBD) on the HIVE Blockchain. hive @manniman

20% and go, stack bonds and DEFI products on top of it and we're talking 2022. hbd @manniman

Yeahp, cool. @taskmaster4450 & @taskmaster4450le seem guilty to me, very guilty. hive @manniman

That's dangerous misinformation, you might be an enemy of democracy. ![untitled.gif]( leofinance @manniman

The right one is a bloomberg employee, makes it even more sus leofinance @manniman

![untitled.gif]( leofinance @manniman

that might actually be true, that's what a 2022 Goldman looks like leofinance @manniman