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Twitter and other web2 head social apps are stepping up their pace to enter web3, and their arrival will bring traffic and popularity to the crypto world and will bring the crypto industry to prosperity.There is no doubt about it. But I have a concern for DESO, social apps are user number-based and present a winner-take-all situation, so will web2 companies that come with a large number of users and a huge database directly kill the infant DESO? I wonder if Nader has ever had this worry? Many deso old friends told me that this will not happen. They will be a situation of coexistence and mutual promotion of prosperity. Is this wishful thinking on our part? I afraid that DESO is too small, too niche, and simply beatable in front of the giants. @leojay

What crypto assets do you hold? How much do you hold? If the 2024 bull comes, will they bring you rapid asset appreciation? Mine: 35%DESO; 45%Openfund; 15%ETH; 5%Other. @leojay

My prediction is that DESO will be listed on Okex, Huobi, Kraken, Bitfinex, and Biance one after another in the next three months. The team will have various positive launches before June 2023, which will eventually lead to a return to the $100 peak in price. https://images.deso.org/224369a1c4c4c1e79a38ff19492e7d77f3ff6782e9cf33b189d189a4dec39adf.webp @leojay

What are the decentralized social projects that can compete with Deso? Lens Protocol Bluesky (Authenticated Transport Protocol) What else? @leojay

Before the crypto spring arrives, there are just four things you need to do: 1. Earn as much money as possible, save money and buy more Deso. 2. Exchange some DAODAO. 3. Insist on posting every day. 4. Invite your friends to Deso. @leojay

Cristiano Ronaldo hit the World Cup championship for the fifth time. This time, Portugal has the world's top players in every position, and the golden generation will be able to take down Morocco easily. Predicted score Portugal 3-0. https://images.deso.org/55f211415f2f6a22ebe1541c6e994afec42be43c78a9b83ae5ebd4cf1b511b5b.webp cristianoronaldo @leojay

Absent for 2 days this month. It was because of the covid-19 infection on those two days. https://images.deso.org/9ea13c9c7697b7733120a24a86fe19ba9888634efd1e8c6d26c9277f07b1973c.webp @leojay

Suddenly I felt a little bored, jaded and disappointed, that everything was moving slower than I thought it would. I want to get away from DESO and DAODAO for a while. I'm not sure how long. Two days, or a week,Or even longer. @leojay

Calling and encouraging every active user on DESO ,holding at least 100 coins. Enjoy the benefits of price growth while posting. @leojay

Before the crypto spring(Expected in 2024) arrives, there are just four things you need to do: 1. Earn as much money as possible, save money and buy more Deso(coins). 2. Exchange some OpenFund (coins). 3. Insist on posting every day. 4. Invite your friends to Deso and tell them all 4 points above. @leojay

Ha, what a great day! Because I got the blue marker √ Congratulate me. @leojay

Congratulations to DESO listed on "gate.io". Available for trading on January 20. I am absolutely sure this will attract more Chinese users to DESO. https://images.deso.org/2c8b97adff70091dcfb57c3ebc6d436c36b4cdb10838b0d2787282e5da958598.webp @leojay

In the 2023, I wish DesoHolders all the best of fortune. Deso, Forward! @leojay

Important reminder! Now is a good time to keep buying DESO! Because it will soon be listed on major exchanges and will attract many users to hold it. @leojay

If you persuade your friend to join deso, use the following two reasons: 1. The biggest advantage of DeSo is that it is a Layer 1 public chain specifically tailored for SocialFi that can run on bare metal without the need for a virtual machine. 2. Based on the openness of data on the DeSo chain, other developers can build new social applications and share data among applications in the ecosystem, which is beneficial to the overall ecological construction. @leojay

My friend told me that there is no right or wrong between countries, it is all about the national interest. An immutable truth, the country is weak to be divided up by the strong. The United States is currently sucking Europe dry, that's the truth. politics @leojay

The most popular sport in the world is soccer, without a doubt. What about second 、third? Will it be rugby or basketball? Or whatelse? soccer @leojay

Can you imagine Qatar, a country with a population of 3 million, spending $220 billion for the World Cup? All previous World Cup hosts combined have spent less than a quarter of that. It's a lot of money, too much money. qatar @leojay

Deso has to attract market attention fast now. Expect the COO to join soon. @leojay

Habitual postponement. Heavy procrastination. It looks like we still have a lot to do and a lot of good visions waiting to be realized. https://images.deso.org/336ccad2cc1bc0febff57aeb1ca8eed359e30bbcbd5549092d6cd426939bcedd.webp procrastination @leojay