I am an author of bondage and damsels in distress fiction. I write stories about sexy women who get bound, gagged, and left in perilous situations.

Just found out one of my favorite Instagram models took her own life. 😢 Terrible news, since not only was she gorgeous, but funny and insightful as well. R.I.P., Niece News: National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 @kristofferwolff

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Woof... Not sure if I should be trying to buy crypto right now or wait until a legitimate rebound looks in order. @kristofferwolff

Really having fun with the Harem series of games over on Nutaku. Create an account and check them out! @kristofferwolff

RT @japanstaff3: 畠中奈美江 - 緊縛猿轡の娼婦 - その2 Namie Hatanaka - Charming Slut Bound and Humiliated - Chapter 2 https://t.c… Posted via @setu_deso @kristofferwolff

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RT @Shio_bari: Stashing Robyn away during some classic D.i.D. roleplay (_ = v = )/ Posted via @setu_deso @kristofferwolff

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I could really go for a Manhattan right about now. #BeverageCurator @rhubarb @Munaytu Image by Catalin Stefan from Pixabay - beveragecurator @kristofferwolff

The new single from SAOR is amazing (assuming you like blackened Scottish folk metal). @kristofferwolff

Reminds me of the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020. @kristofferwolff

KW-NFT-0002: Triple Jeopardy, Book 1: Ambushed After Dark cover. This is the original image used for setting up the book on Amazon Kindle and other stores. If you're a fan of the series, this is a must-have collector's item. @kristofferwolff

Over on my #HIVE blog, I do a book #review of IT GETS USED by Tina B. hive @kristofferwolff

Starting a new segment on my #Hive blog called "Inspiration Challenge", where I take an image I found online and write a quick story around it. Please note, all of these will be #NSFW in one way or another... hive @kristofferwolff

Lynda Carter might be the only woman who could repeatedly utter the word "moist" and not turn people away. #vintagead #childhoodcrush #bikini #LyndaCarter #moist vintagead @kristofferwolff

KW-NFT-0001: Never Forget. Never Forgive. Kristoffer Wolff, author of bondage/damsel-in-distress fiction presents his first drabble, an exactly 100-word story, about a woman in captivity and how she found herself in that situation. @kristofferwolff

Darkher's newest album is the loveliest kind of darkness. @kristofferwolff

As someone old enough to remember Tom from MySpace instantly following you upon sign-up, I gotta say @CockyClout giving you the finger right away really sets the tone. Now I just have to figure out if I'm in the wrong place — or the perfect one. 😆 @kristofferwolff