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Why pHBD-USDC? Why not!: Reasons Why You Provide HBD Liquidity in the pHBD-USDC Pool <div class="text-justify"> ![Screenshot_20220417181503.jpg]( Recently, the @leofinance team announced the release of the pHBD-USDC stable coin pool on polycub network and this can be considered a big win for not only leofinance, but for the entire hive ecosystem. This pool currently has a yield of 57+% APR and 77% on compound APY which is huge for anyone who plans on investing in this pool and with a current liquidity of $250k, the goal is to get this pool to at least $5M which would help bring Defi whales to be able to invest easily. Now, with this goal in mind, it is important for us as hivers to consider providing HBD in this liquidity pool because it isn’t only beneficial to the hive ecosystem and leofinance, but to us as individuals on hive also. FOR THE NEWBIES --- Before I go on to talk about the reasons why you should provide HBD in Phbd-USDC liquidity pool, I feel that it is important to explain to the newbies why this liquidity pool is important. First of all, with the recent increase of HBD savings APR to 20%, there are so many advantages of this being done; one which is to attract investors but, there is also a disadvantage which comes in when a whale wants to invest millions, but the supply isn’t available. You might ask why isn’t this supply available? Well, the answer is simple, with this increase in the APR, most people will be less willing to sell HBD; it is like having a gold mine, you wouldn’t want to just sell the mine, will you? Especially since you are getting profits by holding on to it. So, what providing liquidity does at this point is to make HBD available so that anyone who wants to buy or invest can do that with stress or any slippage but to do this, the liquidity has to be provided by me and you. --- Now that we covered that, I will be moving on to explain the benefits of providing liquidity because you might still be thinking “how does all this benefit me”. REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD PROVIDE HBD LIQUIDITY TO THE pHBD-USDC POOL. --- ![PB8ro82ZpZP35bVGjGoE93K3E4U5KX8KtMBJ2rh8Fw4evXj6E3PKFjHoNeH2Q5GNjg7hpcFB9ZDbVmDxCo18Fprs7H8rBrdbdkJjgwsmZ8szAhbU.png]( There are so many reasons why you should provide HBD liquidity on pHBD-USDC and I will be listing some of them. 1. The ability to earn up to 58+% of APR and 77% on compound APY is an advantage to anyone who invests in this pool and currently I think this is the highest APR provided on stable coin liquidity pair. 2. By providing liquidity of HBD, it will help the availability of HBD to investors and by doing so help the hive ecosystem ultimately which I would think is the aim of everyone in this ecosystem. 3. For those who use HBD savings, it is essential to know that you will be getting a better APR rate while still having your pHBD-USDC ass liquid and this means you wouldn’t have to succumb to waiting three days in case you need your money. HOW CAN YOU PROVIDE LIQUIDITY FOR HBD? --- ![PB8ro82ZpZP35bVGjGoE93K3E4U5KX8KtMBJ2rh8XpJspshfpJaxKM3nHdND2G6CFahTdUP6MhvGDkd9rTFFhTN6828CeAvfvJLD4cso1uZnyGSJ.png]( I know at this point you are begging for me to tell you how to provide liquidity for hive, so, no worries, I will be telling you at this point. Providing liquidity is very simple and all you have to do is 1. Visit 2. Enter your polygon address and transfer the amount you want to use. 3. Observe when your pHBD appears in your polygon wallet 4. Wrap HBD into pHBD 5. Provide pHBD-USDC liquidity on 6. Start earning your interest after doing this. IN CONCLUSION --- At this point, there are so many reasons to support the leofinance team by staking pHBD-USDC especially if we want hive and HBD to gain mass adoption. With HBD being made available through our liquidity, it will give investors peace of mind to come and invest knowing that they can buy in or out without any slippage and if this is done, there will be money flowing in the hive ecosystem which could change all our lives. In the end, making this happen helps hive and also helps us in hive which should be our ultimate goal and the biggest motivation for us to provide HBD liquidity in the pHBD-USDC pool. </div> --- --- ![NTy4GV6ooFRmaCXZ8UYgPhoud1kjiNX8QokLEZtbBKLuLWQ9yt7K3o4MQumRw4AuvQnL9anLAccLrMQ4ooHyusXTXuokZpEUv16ArwXhZbrHEthgUbpVdDsapFDMHc6aQPqfnmMFABzZmKhHsRfsrpzdT2JRDGtb7Wt8efHP.gif]( Posted Using [LeoFinance <sup>Beta</sup>]( phbd @khaleesii

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A chance at happiness <div class="text-justify"> ![woman-570883_640.webp]( [source]( Awaken by the rays of sunlight, I creepily crawled around the room searching for pieces of my clothing, I hoped that I could at least find them and escape this room without having to do a walk of shame but, this was proving difficult. I couldn’t recall much about last night, but I did remember that the day before started with calls about my ex getting married; he was getting married to some blonde model-looking woman, and after giving him 7 years of my life, it sucked seeing that he was getting married to the woman whom he cheated on me with several times. Brandon who was my ex meant everything to me, and in our relationship, I simply existed to make him happy, and my happiness was tied to his. From the moment we met, I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else, so it was unbelievable to see that he had moved on just months after our breakup. I shook my head trying not to think much about the situation because at that point, all I wanted was to find my clothes and I had almost gotten the final piece when I heard a voice speaking to me. >**“Hey Jenna, do you want breakfast”, the strange man said smiling at me.** I looked at him trying to remember who he was, but the harder I tried, the less I could recall and at one point, I could see him looking at me amused. >**“You don’t remember me, do you?”** >**“Would it be bad if I said that I didn’t”, I responded to him.** >**“Well, it’s all good, at least you are truthful, and if you wanted to know, my name is Grey, I met you in a bar and took you home because you begged me to saying “you were all alone”, and just Incase you wanted to know, nothing happened between us”.** When he finished speaking, I sighed in relief because it felt good to know that I didn’t have to do a walk of shame. I decided then that breakfast with him wouldn’t be that bad, so I agreed to it and we headed to his kitchen together to get something we could eat. While walking through his house to his kitchen, I couldn’t help but admire his interior, his house looked amazing with a neutral design, and just by looking, you would realize that he was financially thriving. After we made breakfast, we ate and started conversing about everything that was going on in our lives, and after hours of talking which felt like I had known him forever, I decided that it was time for me to go home and he offered to drive me. I got to my house and we exchanged numbers with a promise that we would get to meet again, but months passed and all I did was ignore all his calls and effort to see me. I spent this time drowning in the sorrow of the fact that my ex had gotten married and I really couldn’t see myself moving on anytime soon. I continued like that until one year later when I found out from a mutual friend that my ex’s marriage has crashed because he cheated on his wife with another lady and at that point, I couldn’t help but acknowledge that I had missed a bullet. I realized that I had wasted my time crying over someone undeserving and in the process, I might have lost someone who was. I had placed my happiness in the wrong place because I didn’t recognize that I was the only one who could give myself happiness but, my eyes were finally open and I could see. Immediately after that realization, I picked up my phone and dialed Grey’s number hoping that he would pick up but the phone rang over and over without it happening. I was about to drop my phone after the last try before I heard a voice speaking through the phone. >**“Well, well, see who popped up, do you finally want to meet up?”** I smiled at that moment because I knew that things were going to be fine and for the first time, I might actually have a chance at happiness. --- <center>**THE END**</center> --- --- ![NTy4GV6ooFRmaCXZ8UYgPhoud1kjiNX8QokLEZtbBKLuLWQ9yt7K3o4MQumRw4AuvQnL9anLAccLrMQ4ooHyusXTXuokZpEUv16ArwXhZbrHEthgUbpVdDsapFDMHc6aQPqfnmMFABzZmKhHsRfsrpzdT2JRDGtb7Wt8efHP.gif]( </div> proofofbrain @khaleesii

Can pHBD be a means to avert impermanent loss when investing in liquidity Pools? ![png_20220416_200237_0000.png]( <div class="text-justify"> Providing liquidity in crypto is very essential because it makes it easier for people to invest or exit without causing harm or slippage in the market. Liquidity pools are created so that certain tokens or coins will be available no matter what which makes them easily acquired, and some ways of providing liquidity in hive is by staking hive, second layer tokens, or even making use of the HBD savings which can make these tokens and coins accessible to others who want to buy in. There are so many advantages of investing in liquidity pools, and while there are advantages, there are also disadvantages which can come in form of impermanent losses. --- What is impermanent loss? --- Impermanent loss is the temporary loss of value when two tokens you invest in change in value, this loss can happen based on different reasons and occurrences, so it is important to know why and when you can experience these losses. --- When do you experience impermanent loss? --- 1. When two tokens you invest in change in value 2. When one token goes up in value and the other one stays the same. 3. When one token goes down and the other stays the same. --- How to avoid impermanent loss? --- 1. By choosing stable coin pairs: you can avoid impermanent loss by finding coins that are stable and immune to the rise and fall; by doing this, you can avoid loss and also gain small rewards over time. 2. Avoid risky or volatile coins: since impermanent loss is maximized when coins are volatile, the best thing to do is to avoid these coins unless you are feeling adventurous and willing to risk it. Even though most coins that are volatile are usually high reward coins, it is important to know that they could also be high risk coins. 3. Provide liquidity when prices of coins are low: by doing this, you will most likely get an advantage when these coins gain value as opposed to when it loses. 4. Provide to places that offer extra incentives: You can simply do this by providing your coins to places that offer extra rewards; this can simply be done by staking your second layer tokens and even delegating out for curation rewards. --- Using pHBD as a means to avert impermanent loss --- With all the talk of impermanent loss, it is important to realize the advantage that comes with providing liquidity of HBD through polygon network. ![image.png]( HBD on it’s own is a stable coin and with pHBD-USDC farm currently providing a 57.98% APR or 78.49% compounded APY, providing liquidity through pHBD has a benefit that banks and so many other means can’t even proffer and since hive has made it easy to earn HBD, it is a win-win situation no matter how you look at it. ![Screenshot_20220416192351.jpg]( At this point, we have an advantage through pHBD, and I personally plan on utilizing this opportunity as much as I can. The liquidity pool is currently at $232k and since leofinance has a goal to increase this pool to $5M which will provide flexibility for defi whales to buy in or out, it is essential for us as hivers to take this opportunity to invest because ultimately, it will help the growth of hive. --- Finally, --- For more information on the pHBD you can read this [article by leofinance]( or check out the [polycub website.]( </div> Posted Using [LeoFinance <sup>Beta</sup>]( phbd @khaleesii

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