We only see the tip of the iceberg alas, people in power don't want advice from public, will not listen! Cheap housing, bad town planning, drains backed up with filth! No comment, still raining down here now, at least the sun peeped out for a short while. !LUV memories @joanstewart

Similar conditions here in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa with flooding, currently still raining! Death, destruction, poor who suffer most after extended covid lockdown ruling, state capture/corruption, now everyone reeling under the pressure, many not having a roof over their head, food, water or electricity. Will keep you in our thoughts as we deal with problems encountered here from Cyclone Issa. !LUV hive106316 @joanstewart

Those chicken nuggets look so good, definitely a meal I enjoy making as the whole family thoroughly enjoy! Happy Easter! life @joanstewart

Sorry did not get to visit much, we have a problem here...., sure entries were excellent! Congratulations to all who entered and have a wonderful new week on Hive. !LUV weekendengagement @joanstewart

Gearing up a notch or two into retirement, some nice ideas here I not quite a few already doing similar to add additional income and still maintain contact with the world outside of their own homes. !LUV !LOLZ life @joanstewart

All fantastic photography, bridge with mountain pinnacle and two birds on high my favourite. @tipu curate photofeed @joanstewart

After floods here it is all we will see for months to come, beaches are being cleaned, still raining so more will wash down! Less industry and garbage would be great _even though we know it won't happen, it is there in plain sight_, hope the air is at least clean for baby. korea @joanstewart

Monday and cooking large pots of food, gorgeous sunshine enjoyed the garden for short spell, now cloud and drizzle has returned at midday. !BEER !PIZZA !LOLZ insects @joanstewart

Well deserved, good player 😆 weeklyhivecharitygiveaway @joanstewart

Singing through the decades, will definitely have to finish off by starting to remember the last two, how time flies so many tunes to enjoy. !LUV hive106316 @joanstewart

Happy Easter, ran off to visit my sister-in-law who is battling on her own, driveway washed away now unable to go anywhere till repairs are done. !LUV insects @joanstewart

People will have to repair and help each other, same happened during the strike action last year, never rely on government! When councilors are telling wards that water/electricity will be for certain areas "ANC", before worrying about the rest, they should not be in office! When individuals are creating treason stealing copper cable at a time like this from sub-stations penalty should be shoot on sight. When people at the top no longer care why should they? No we are on our own, help each other as best as possible within each small town, our pensioners in old age homes are sitting without water for 5 days, hospitals have closed with no water available, how far will this rot go? !BEER !PIZZA birds @joanstewart

One knows the potential within the people and land, sadly many do not know history yet blurt out fake information spreading like wild fire. Not the right caliber ruling to take to next level, we going backwards.... !WINEX !LUV cats @joanstewart

Wow that bay looks stunning surrounded by snow capped mountains, lovely video sharing @jlufer @tipu curate gems @joanstewart

Nice you planning a small adventure out with your son into a pretty area, even if man made it is outdoors. Did not notice power lines and garbage so obviously you dedicated the photography to carefully framing each avoiding human pollution or humans in photography at the time. Enjoy the walk, hope babies checkup is good news and he is growing and happy. !LUV korea @joanstewart

Congrats @johannpiber and @justclickindiva have a wonderful new week to everyone. Thanks @combination and @drakernoise on target and on the go! weeklyhivecharitygiveaway @joanstewart

Farmstead at the end of the road looks so inviting to call home, mountains look gorgeous draped in it's cloth. No moon to see here still light rain from yesterday afternoon, hope the families that lost homes in the fire on Capeflats are assisted, never ending the way people are packed in like sardines to live of late, no city planning... No comment! KZN still a mess, some without water and electricity, promise of loadshedding starting tomorrow once again, what a mess! !LUV !BEER !WINEX landscapes @joanstewart

Perhaps I notice strange being strange myself 🙃good fun nonetheless! Happy Easter! !LOLZ insects @joanstewart

Simply love the dog street art amazing, along with last and Mickey Mouse using a spray can that is humour LOL... Nice share on topic and great photography capturing content. @tipu curate 2 hive184784 @joanstewart

Appears I attract many unusual things _(so my sons say)_, this was such a pleasure watching. Now off to see if sister-in-law is OK and coping, have a great day with your family. !LUV !PIZZA !BEER insects @joanstewart