Just a young crypto investor trying to retire in the next 5 years and have a foreign chick feed me grapes on an island in Greece 🤷‍♂️

OG’s we need to remember each other before this shit hits mainstream. The pioneers of social decentralization @huntsauce

we aren't here to take part, we are here to take over 🤝 @huntsauce

Ok fine if anyone can guess this animal I will buy more bclt @huntsauce

it is my bday @huntsauce

Would you rather be surrounded by people who brag all the time or by people who complain all the time? @huntsauce @huntsauce

Look of my office view today @huntsauce @huntsauce

decisions decisions... @huntsauce @huntsauce

People who don’t believe crypto and blockchain technology are the same people who clap when the airplane lands @huntsauce

Lmaooo who made this?! Got me laughing in bed at 4 am @huntsauce @huntsauce

MAMA we made it @huntsauce

the two sides on the clout @huntsauce

wait hodl up @huntsauce

Imma be honest with y'all, bitclout doesn't feel the same 😔 @huntsauce

You know what… I’m going to start buying peoples coins who stay interacting with me. As long as the frp not crazy lol. I’m riding with y’all 🤝 @huntsauce

GG’s in the chat. My gym crush finally talked to me & asked me to help spot her. She smelled nice, so I nervously said “your hair smells like some apples but not like some plain gala apples. More like a honey crisp apple” & now I dont think she will ever ask me to spot again bro @huntsauce

Saw so many dips and OGs leave, but we still surviving, still thuggin @huntsauce