A stan account for the greatest Willie Nelson joke ever written.

Pick a number between 1-100. If you guess right I'll give you 1 $hugetiny I've sent the number to @Clark_Renfort for verification @hugetiny

The real reason I spend more time on BitClout than any other social network, there is almost zero political rage porn here. People are focusing on what they have in common instead of being enraged at what divides them. @hugetiny

hexagons are the best @hugetiny

Great worms attract great fish Great fish attract great sushi chefs Great sushi attracts Instagram models Instagram models attract brand $s Here's my 🧡on why my funding of worms will take DeSo πŸš€πŸŒ™ @hugetiny

2 types of self-promotion bad: i am smart, i make money, i am awesome good: here's a thing i made, you decide @hugetiny

Maybe the real trust game was the friends we made along the way @hugetiny

If you asked me what the most stupid, pointless, annoying 90s thing was I would answer without hesitation "Magic Eyes." I've been looking at this for 10 minutes and have no idea what the the hidden image is. To hell with you Magic Eyes. Go back to the 90s and never return. @hugetiny

What's a band/musical act that everyone else seems to love, but you just don't get? @hugetiny

i need to spread out ownership of my coin. i need suggestions, who are some decent folks on here I should give .1 $hugetiny to? why? @hugetiny

i'm feeling generous and they really deserve more who wants .25 $kamagang? why should I give it to you? @hugetiny

Every post I create lately lands on Global. I'm self-aware enough to know the quality of my posts has not increased. I wonder what else could be at play? @hugetiny

context matters. be aware of the environment in which your message is delivered. all these balls are the same color. @hugetiny

I whored my account out with @clout_cast and have accumulated about $40 in dirty advertising money. Now it's redemption time 1. Reclout this and 2. Comment below with 1 account you think I should invest it. If I chose them I'll invest $40 in them and $40 in you. @hugetiny

Who's your latest great follow? @hugetiny

That's a retention rate of .87% We are the 1%! @hugetiny

What I value most in others 1. Integrity 2. Humility 3. Intelligence 4. Humor @hugetiny

I wish I could feel as excited about anything as I felt every Saturday of my childhood waking up to watch cartoons. @hugetiny

I am a humble, hard-working creator toiling away on my notebooks. this is totally my work. no, i've never of leonardo da vinci. why do you ask. i am real. support my renaissance. @hugetiny

Serious Question: What is the decentralized social business model that would replace the billions of dollars in ad revenue and would resonate with the majority of consumers who have grown used to free ad-subsidized products? @hugetiny

Any time I run any sort of contest or promotion I realize how hard it is for people to read, comprehend, and follow a short set of rules. It's a humbling lesson in effective communication. Being clear and concise really requires a lot more effort than it seems. @hugetiny