My first ever Splinterlands Season Rewards Right now I'm playing several play2earn crypto games: Pegaxy (I'm not quite sure I'll continue with it because of the last changes and lack of chance to return my investment), Raising Star (my favorite so far because it's free2play and because of great community), Alien Worlds (started recently and moving very slowly but ok for now), Splinterlands and Dungeon Master. I've started with Splinterlands very recently and this is my first post about it. I didn't play much last Season, maybe some 20-30 battles, just to get to know the rules of the game but still enough to advance to Bronze III League and win my first Season Rewards. ![ "reward.jpg"]( What I got is 5 items: 2 times 5 credits, 1 legendary potion charge, 1 alchemy potion charge and one card. I was little confused because I didn't understand the rules properly, I thought I will get 5 card as a reward, so I was a little disappointed noob when that didn't happen, off course. I think those credits aren't worth much and potions I don't have a clue what is their purpose. Still I'm excited I got my first card. It's a rare dragon unit - Twilight Basilisk. ![ "card.jpg"]( You can see the stats on the image. This cutie has Reach ability (Melee attack Monsters with the Reach ability may attack from the second position on the team) which is good I guess. Card estimated value is $0.07 and power is 20. I opened rewards just today so I didn't used this card yet. A lot to learn and a lot to play ahead so in general I like this game so far. I read only few posts by others about Splinterlands so far because the gameplay was strange to me but now I have basic understanding of it and I plan to read about it everything I can and my available time allows me. So if you (the reader) do play Splinterlands and have blog about it, drop me the link in the comments I'll be happy to read it. Thank you and thanks for reading! This post is first published on my [Read]( profile. splinterlands @hiveborgminer

My first month playing Raising Star play2earn game _April 2022_ I haven't posted anything about my experience with Raising Star free2play crypto game on HIVE blockchain and I'm already one month in it. My first withdrawal (1000 Starbits) was actually March 11th, almost a month ago. Since than I have made 27 withdrawals in total 27000 Starbits or $8 (current price). I have used some small amounts to test if I can withdraw BCH, Hive and changed some to WAX for staking. Everything else went to re-investing. ![ "rs1.png"]( Right now I'm on Level 27 soon to be 28. I have 300 permanent Fans which allows me to do Saturday Headline mission (most lucrative one from Home Town zone). I also have 475 skills 91 from Cards and 384 from lessons. Now to unlock next Local Gig Circuit zone you need to buy i6 Mid Range Acoustic guitar. Some tutorials I read have suggested it costs around 7000 Starbit tokens but to my surprise I found it for only 1000 Starbits on the market. There was few of them for that price on the market. ![ "rs2.png"]( So yes this is very unexpected but cool catch :) With this card I can play Local Gig mission and among them Local Mini Tour Support which pays good amount of tokens. It also opens Band Auditions, mission needed for higher levels of the game. Anyway this is my strategy from the beginning to explore the Market in details and find current good deals. This is how I got to 300 Fans so fast. I have found and bought 17 t6 Cheap Car cards for 500 Starbits per card. Every card gives 10 Fans, that's 170 total. ![ "rs3.png"]( I will continue with Raising Star games, it's rewarding, it doesn't require much time (my kind of game) and it's fun with great community. Thanks for reading. First [published]( on Read raisingstar @hiveborgminer

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Hello Hive World It's a common practice in programming to write Hello World as a first program when just starting out. I like to implement this practice to all things online. This is my first Hive post and I have yet to read and learn more on how to use Hive platform. That's why this is only simple intro with appropriate Hello World graphic :) ![HiveGraphics.png]( See you around. intro @hiveborgminer

Hello, I really like your logo work, great eye for details and very good ideas I'm new to Hive also just, hope we'll have great time here :) best myhiveintro @hiveborgminer