Matt Gondek Deconstructive Pop Artist. New Solo exhibition RATS Aug 14 - Sept 11. @avenuedesarts_gallery in Los Angeles

Hello Bitclout πŸ‘‹ Shallow Graves For All Dead Rats 100”x105” Acrylic on Canvas On display at my new exhibition β€œRATS”. Now till Sept 11 at @gopsvueyyuipppppppp

Exploring My first oil painting 16”x20” on canvas @gopsvueyyuipppppppp

New Downtown Los Angeles Studio Starting work for 2021 @gopsvueyyuipppppppp

My largest screenprint ever - Deconstructed Bugs @gopsvueyyuipppppppp

Inferiority Complex Acrylic on Canvas. 60”x48” 2019 This is the only painting I’ve ever framed @gopsvueyyuipppppppp

My new solo exhibition - RATS August 14th. New Paintings, Drawings, Four Foot Sculptures, Bronze Statues, and NFTS @gopsvueyyuipppppppp

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My First Shaped Screenprint 4 Colors. 56x71cm. Edition of 50. Signed with Certificate of Authenticity Available exclusively at my new exhibition - RATS. Opens Saturday Aug 14th to Sept 11 at @AvenueDesArts_Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles @gopsvueyyuipppppppp

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Now available via @makersplaceco A unique One of One NFT paired with this physical Hand Painted (by me) Vinyl sculpture. Only one made I’ve also released another edition of 10 NFTs paired with a new 4 Color Screenprint. Signed, numbered, and with a certificate of authenticity @gopsvueyyuipppppppp

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