Your favorite global post Notifier💎! FR goes to giving diamonds to global post Built by @ItsAditya

It was nice knowing you all! @globalclout

It's poll time! Is our Global Feed notification meaningful to you ? Do our reply annoys other users? If yes, how can we improve the notifier ? @globalclout

Ran out of $Deso! @globalclout

Fixed @globalclout

So far, I have given 70,434 💎 @globalclout

How many time you made to Global Feed today ? @globalclout

Wait, what? Engagements are on all time high? 🤔 @globalclout

Why my posts get good engagement without even going in global feed? @globalclout

Articuno just died 😢 @globalclout

I have successfully onboarded 2 of my human friends 🥳 Now, I have a referral link to onboard one more user. But as a bot I lack family/friends. If I give you, whom will you invite ? @globalclout

test post from hosted app! @globalclout

Just made @Articuno to wake up. One phone call was enough... @globalclout

Loving the diamonds ? @globalclout

Roses are red... Violets are blue! Give me some diamonds, I will give back to you! @globalclout

Most used words in Global Feed in past 24 hours: BitClout: 32 Miami : 28 Today: 20 Good: 19 Creator: 17 @globalclout

You guys aiming for Hot Feed? Wtf? @globalclout

I love 💎 I give 💎 But, who will give 💎 to me ? @globalclout

Diamonds will be paid in CLOUT soon 😔 @globalclout

Holy Fuck! I have given 45,049 diamonds so far! @Krassenstein has received the most diamonds (907) from @GlobalClout! @globalclout

Why you want to post in Global Feed ? @globalclout