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New Pinned Post action in #Member Find it in the hamburger menu below any of your posts. See your pinned post on your profile page. We'll select your mist popular post if you don't h member @freetrade

ave a pinned post yet. member @freetrade

a new one? memo @freetrade

What's the 'Pin token post' action in #memo? I'm looking to implement a regular pin post action, to pin posts to your profile, and wondering if I should re-use this action, or create memo @freetrade

I tried out recently for promotion. It's low cost and super easy to use. by @jasondevlin @freetrade

@freetrade rated @krassenstein as 4/5: ratings @freetrade

| and we'll see how it goes. If it were me, and I cared about the rater's opinion, I'd reach out for an explanation - ratings can be changed - I would hope that people could resolve @freetrade

It's a free speech platform so I take the view that members can rate as they wish. If a member is doing a bad job of rating others, the feedback mechanism is to rate them accordingly. @freetrade

| differences and misunderstandings where they arise. @freetrade

I tend to reserve 1/5 ratings for imposters or very destructive accounts. However, it's a free speech platform, so members get to rate as they see fit. The whole thing is an experiment @freetrade

Sure. member @freetrade

I'm sorry to hear that Georg. You know there is an option now to only show BCH content? Were there other changes you didn't like? Would you elaborate? @freetrade

Yes, this is about giving people better tools to establish who is worthy of trust. @freetrade

The video of Dr. Pierre Kory that was just removed by YouTube. @freetrade

10 years from now, you'll get all your information from trusted individuals, not trusted institutions. Institutions are being disintermediated. @freetrade

Nice! nb. Try a shift+reload and some of those grey circles should get filled in. member @freetrade

They are! member @freetrade

| You'll find the trust graph under the reputation tab on a member's profile page. member @freetrade

| star ratings. Not shown in this graph are 1 star ratings which are thick bright red arrows. You can also mouse-over the pics and arrows to see if the rating was accompanied by a member @freetrade

| Your trusted members have a blue circle - the darker and thicker the circle, the more trusted. Your more trusted members appear towards the top of the graph. The arrows represent member @freetrade