Working on Member, a project to bridge multiple decentralized social networks. Latest integration - Nostr

Smash that reload until you get version 4.6.0+ It's substantially better! Profile pics! Mouseover profile cards! See who liked and tipped a post! Super new logo! Happy Member Monday! member @freetrade

Member Is The Real Deal For Free Speech. This 90 Second Explainer Video Explains Why. member @freetrade

Here is the article you are not allowed to post on twitter - censorship @freetrade Paypal to allow crypto in early 2011. At 26 million merchants! This is huge. Your move, Amazon. bitcoin @freetrade "I think the innovation of Bitcoin is having a money that is not inflatable and if you have a money that can't be inflated, that is a massive tool for economic freedom." bitcoin @freetrade

All complex systems that work evolved from simpler systems that worked. - Gall's Law This is why #Bitcoin Cash works and Lightning never will. bitcoin @freetrade

Let me tell you where we are with Member. (Repost from Reddit) member @freetrade

Pool for mining Member Looks like heavy GPU mining. #MineMember membercoin @freetrade

It would be great if you could link your Memo profile to your account and RC could post a Memo each time you publish a new article. Memo/Member users could then subscribe to publishers readcash @freetrade

You keep asking for stuff. I keep delivering it... What do you want to see in Member next? member @freetrade

Welcome to Bitcoin. Did you just find out that there are $5 fees for every transaction? Do you think that's a bit much? So did we. That's why we made Bitcoin Cash. Transfer fees are less than 1 cent. bitcoin @freetrade

I'm getting a lot of questions about #member but on Discord - please post them on #member instead, you'll get a faster answer from me and will help the platform to grow. member @freetrade

BTC backlog is up to 70MB. This could be the start of the BTC permanent backlog. Much sought after by Blockstream, we might never see the backlog fully cleared again. bitcoin @freetrade

tldr: The consensus mechanism is fine, the proposal needs improvement bitcoin @freetrade

KYC is playing Russian Roulette with your data. You have no idea the competence or capability financial institutions have in keeping your data private. You're pulling the trigger every time you play the KYC game. @freetrade

Bitcoin Cash is accepted at 48,557 delivery/take-out restaurants in the US via How come nobody tells me these things? bitcoin @freetrade Soon. member @freetrade

Member Server is now available - member @freetrade

Hacker News wants to know if Member exists. member @freetrade

There's a lot of excitement about Parler at the moment. Sorry. It's just another private platform. Only a public platform can give you the power of unpermissioned free speech. @freetrade