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Not yet, but it's probably about time I put together a document. @freetrade

Update still uses the memo protocol, but now has its own layer 1, Membercoin. It still reads from the BCH chain, but posts are now made to Membercoin chain. @freetrade

The plan is to incentivize use by giving away 90% of the coin to new users and developers. It is also CPU mineable (for now) and pays 10% interest on balances. @freetrade

Soft launch of awesome new feature - turn any RSS feed into a account that you can follow, rate and comment on. Follow your favorite Youtubers @freetrade

New Pinned Post action in #Member Find it in the hamburger menu below any of your posts. See your pinned post on your profile page. We'll select your mist popular post if you don't h member @freetrade

What's the 'Pin token post' action in #memo? I'm looking to implement a regular pin post action, to pin posts to your profile, and wondering if I should re-use this action, or create memo @freetrade

I tried out recently for promotion. It's low cost and super easy to use. by @jasondevlin @freetrade

The video of Dr. Pierre Kory that was just removed by YouTube. @freetrade

10 years from now, you'll get all your information from trusted individuals, not trusted institutions. Institutions are being disintermediated. @freetrade

The web of trust has had a major upgrade. The graph above is an example of the web of trust graph between me, FreeTrade, and TheLegendaryTwatter member @freetrade

These Professors of Biology are painfully careful about choosing their words. They say the coverup of #ivermectin for covid19 may be the crime of the century. ivermectin @freetrade

:) but that's the real zquestz on the BitClout network that I see? @freetrade

Looks messed up - you've probably got some cached files or try changing the theme you're using - open in an incognito window to confirm what it looks like from fresh. member @freetrade

Yes, does this memo @freetrade

Oh, i guess you meant the new feature - that doesnt change the size limit for a single trx - so you can only have multiple small op_rets in the trx memo @freetrade

Hotly requested new feature! See only content from the BCH network! @freetrade

New interface to just went live - member @freetrade

Cheat sheet for talking to laser-eyed bitcoiners. @freetrade

I'd like to, but it's not my top priority. The old software should continue to run fine, and if you want to upgrade the node in place, that should work too. member @freetrade

I understand the antipathy towards the BitClout content, I really do, and I hope to have a way to filter it for you soon. However, it is very useful to have this content - it really member @freetrade