Excellent Retreat! Stay Frosty And change your blog while your at it..[.]( ecotrain @frankbacon

Holy Sh!t The EXACT same thing happened to an acquaintance of mine on another Blog far from here : / Yer lucky to be safe and sound! Very sorry for your loss but glad to hear there are no injuries... WOW! My midwest friends in the states here are letting go of a lot of their Racing Dirt bikes from back in their racing days. The universe was telling them to downsize for a while now. Perhaps something similar in your case? Either way... let that stuff go... Better that you and your family are safe. High regards! disaster @frankbacon

you totally missed the point... don't ever suggest that what I do here is PETTY BOT ------ offlinehive @frankbacon

![Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 10.08.42 AM.png]( hive @frankbacon wow... it was only $1200 "BUDDY" how much of all that HIVE are you declaring in your Business? nevermind... I'll get something filed for you... RIGHT AWAY! Now that the "Legalities" are taken care of.. I want to see YOU explain to YOUR authorities how I am a Thief and you're not. should be interesting. offlinehive @frankbacon

what a sham... $288 of reward pool rape in your own words you funkin hustler... And it's low effort BS... SCAMMER. ![Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 4.28.05 PM.png]( offlinehive @frankbacon

HIVE!D hive190948 @frankbacon

HIVE!D ![Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 11.50.56 AM.png]( tribevibes @frankbacon

HIVE!D 🤬🥓 ![Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 7.01.37 AM.png]( hive @frankbacon

prolly why he bought twitter... hive172447 @frankbacon ![1649097986766.JPEG]( hive156509 @frankbacon

It's wild hive172447 @frankbacon

Great stuff Bruv! ✍️🤬🆔🤳 You'll find most of us moving on from here to BLURT but at least you got to the Blockchain ... Kind regards! ![Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 8.02.07 AM.png]( entertainment @frankbacon

HIVE!D ![20200227_124242_HDR.jpg]( witnesses @frankbacon

oh you'll end hive @frankbacon

>I checked it out, where is my Blurt? 😂😂 Right [here]( ![Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 4.17.08 PM.png]( same keys as HIVE >No greedy whales 🐳 on Blurt? NO DOWNVOTE AT ALL! BYO Whale! So it solved THE problems of both STEEM and the new ones in HIVE, in the most beneficially Zen way... by taking the Downvote out of the discourse. And ALSO by requiring resource credits for all posts... which adds up fast. I see this as an opportunity for artists like you and @ultravioletmag to get in early on the olden rush. but that's just the way I read the [cards ]( hive156509 @frankbacon

there is also a place called [BLURT]( where we'll keep a spot open for ya! ✌️😎🥓🙏 lovely work as always! Highest regards! hive156509 @frankbacon hive150033 @frankbacon

dude... i satarted WAAYYY before... and I played a lot of people... a lot. Thanks for playin. ethics @frankbacon

I asked David directly... he said no... you're welcome to think whatever. Amazing what screencaps make people believe... it's like reality doesn't matter... only people's opinion of the letter... weird... You do know I am the one who started it? nevermind... you all got it figured out. : / ethics @frankbacon