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New here!⚑ Hi Desofy fam (to-be)πŸ’šπŸš€ Posted via @desofy @francisbeloved

gM gM! How cool do you see this??😁 From my collectionπŸ’š @francisbeloved

Shiny blurry night!🌌 GN!πŸ’šπŸš€ @francisbeloved

Tbh, this place seem different and warm! Love it!!!πŸ’šπŸš€ @francisbeloved

For me, photography is a super power!πŸ”₯πŸ’š @francisbeloved

Hey Deso fam! What's the plan for 2023? @francisbeloved

Man, Faith and Fate. How's your Sunday going, Deso fam!πŸ’š @francisbeloved

GM! Got to share some #photography grail from my works with you.πŸ’š photography @francisbeloved

One thing about #streetphotography for me is the realness of uninterrupted motions. You get to capture candidly, and bring out meaning from the mundaneπŸ’šπŸ’― Parallel life, 2022 Lagos, Nigeria. #photography streetphotography @francisbeloved

Man, Faith and Fate. How's your Sunday going, Deso fam!?πŸ’š @francisbeloved

Building "francisbeloved" to be a force to reckon with! @francisbeloved

Hey deso fam How do you think this was created? Any try?πŸ€— Posted via @desofy @francisbeloved

GM! @francisbeloved

Is there a way to know those who just joined DeSo?? Any help?? @francisbeloved

FYI, they see all the tweets..,πŸ™‚πŸ™ƒ Posted via @setu_deso @francisbeloved

Long time no post, Few hours feels like days 😁 How's Tuesday going people? Enjoy with this cultural enriched iimage 'Guard the god', which is a piece from my collection on Ethereum. πŸ’š Posted via @desofy @francisbeloved

It'll all make sense. Posted via @setu_deso @francisbeloved

@Vik_Vii7 sent me a birthday gift on Deso!πŸ€—πŸ’š Love to see it! Any more incoming?!πŸ˜›πŸš€ Posted via @setu_deso @francisbeloved

This time last year, I was trying to get SOL to mint my first NFTsπŸ₯Ί Grateful for how far!πŸ’š πŸŽ„Merry Christmas, people from the GM Nation!πŸ˜Œβš‘πŸš€ Posted via @setu_deso @francisbeloved

As one of the foremost african street photographers here.... Really stoked to see the inflow of others into the space in the futureπŸ’šβš‘πŸš€ P.S: My first DeSo NFT to drop this night. 20:00 WAT @francisbeloved