I like that you re-use things like this. I've never thought of putting coins in them but I did use to use them to put my "POG" collections in them.  I guess 80's kids would know what I'm talking about.  finance @elmerlin

Thailand seems to be hot, and hotter. No cold. Is that the case? liketu @elmerlin

That's interesting, I didn't think this would be something they sell in Pamukkale. Seems quite expensive at 500, perhaps it is to give the illusion of a bargain at 100. travel @elmerlin

A man of many talents, I'd love to see your fish haul! liketu @elmerlin

Pretty nice seeing the skyline, but would love to know where this is. (You could tag the actual pictures with the place picture tag if you want) photography @elmerlin

I probably shouldn't eat this quite as often as I do, I have a real soft spot for Pi dan. Is it bad to eat too much of it? liketu @elmerlin

Looks unreal! liketu @elmerlin

Happy birthday to your grandmother, she looks really young still! liketu @elmerlin

Looking very dapper, happy belated birthday! neoxian @elmerlin

I don't even recognise London like that, pretty awesome! photography @elmerlin

Ooops maybe you can edit the post on liketu and add the images again.. they seem to have failed to post! liketu @elmerlin

It seems your picture did not upload. Perhaps you can edit the post and add it (you can do this from liketu.com) photography @elmerlin

I'm not sold on the T20 witnesses operating this way being an effective way to deliver a responsive, and yet decentralised price feed. Understandably, the purpose of Luna is entirely stablecoins (which is ironically being undermined more and more by it's BTC holdings) and so our considerations are a little more complicated than just being ultra responsive. Perhaps if we had a greater number of participants, and several orders magnitude more participants / liquidity, then the 3.5 days can be reduced a bit. In the same way that missing blocks has financial consequences, price feed updates probably should too. It is obviously a critical component of everything that is being discussed here, and currently gives no leeway to shorter conversion times for the simple argument that *some* witnesses update too infrequently. I'm not talking by the minute, or by the block updates.. something like every 8 hours minimum so that we can have 3 periods within a day to form the 3 moving average. leofinance @elmerlin

That is awesome! Where did you get that from!? lifestyle @elmerlin

So beautiful, thanks for sharing here! photography @elmerlin

We had an issue where faulty drafts in our last update were causing people to be unable to access the upload page. There might be a way to get them back, but for now I would assume they are inaccessible going forward (sorry if that's the case) photography @elmerlin

I almost thought that you were using a green screen, then I realised that there is a light switch there and its actually your RBG lights.  I like the aesthetic, you always have unique tops. I think you would make a pretty darn good vlogger.  Actually we've been thinking about ways to make short videos / stories a thing here, it still requires a bit more work but hopefully sometime this year that'll be an option for mini vlogs. photography @elmerlin

I thought the last guy looks like C Ronaldo! liketu @elmerlin

We're working on a picture editor directly on liketu so hopefully there won't be a need for that soon.  By the way, your pictures always seem really low resolution. I don't know any thing that compresses photos like that these days unless downloaded from somewhere else that already compresses. Perhaps you can just post the originals then everything won't look so pixelated. crop @elmerlin

I'm currently sitting on the fence about how I feel about the benefits. As smooth mentioned, it can work out when there is bifurcation between BTC and HIVE, and given BTC's lower beta, would likely be less impacted by market wide drawdowns. Essentially, the delta between the two would be the surplus we would be able to capture and sometimes this can be quite large. On the other hand, given the proposed 1 million worth (a rather small amount compared to the market cap of HIVE), a market wide drawdown would still mean an overall larger drop in the market cap of HIVE backing the HBD, and only a tiny extra bit of buoyancy from the BTC reserve to help out. I would also like to ask, if there are any discussions around adjusting the 5% fee for conversions from HIVE to HBD. I don't know the specifics and couldn't find the exact information, but I am under the impression that LUNA to UST does not incur the same kind of fee, nor the opportunity cost of 3 days time. I feel that this could be a deal breaker for many who want to deploy larger sums. I know that I would personally feel more comfortable and willing to buy more HIVE to convert to HBD if the conversion fee was more plateable but it remains an obstacle I'm currently unwilling to cross. I am aware that the 3 days is to mitigate potential manipulation and price volatility, but I am also quite certain that arbitrage via conversions in highly volatile environments is something larger players would be interested in, myself included. leofinance @elmerlin