Thank you for everything fam ❤️

Hello @easypop

Not even the main account posts get engagement… that’s how bad this is @easypop

Deso at $30 love to see it 😂😂😂 @easypop

Because no one is using this shit @easypop

Who still uses this? @easypop

Deso is dead @easypop

Happy New Year kids ❤️ @easypop





Imagine investing in this shit 😂 https://images.deso.org/24faf5d6736a964eb2fd4a9bc722a6800f51f73596eb200f05548a172c64b2b4.webp @easypop

Big facts bro. Wish you all the best in life :) @easypop


Pump & dump scam 😂 https://images.deso.org/7a07f47b4636675268959e4e2efac88ac27d059cfa9f72359f98b17a29d8b9bb.webp @easypop

😂😂😂😂 https://images.deso.org/634aa059a72c166ddc877418bd78105c06c94e98f654ea03eb18c08a6b54dcc8.webp @easypop

No one gives a fuck about Deso lol @easypop

This is a ghost town lol @easypop

What you need? @easypop

Loooool @easypop