Have a small NFT problem… DESO VISION Supporter

Looking for a high res copy of the DESO D without background. Can anyone help me? @digitalfr33dom

Out on the SUP this morning! Beautiful day for it. @digitalfr33dom Vs Who you got? Not gonna lie Alinetas website is 🔥 @digitalfr33dom

How many people on Deso live in Australia? Do we have enough to plan a meet up? @digitalfr33dom

Dogs live the dream @digitalfr33dom

Can anyone provide an educated guess on how long the dip will last? @digitalfr33dom

Spent the morning at Malabar beach. Post lockdown is joy! @digitalfr33dom

Run $deso promotions at every major university in the world. @digitalfr33dom

We are ready for WAR - Meow or Die @FUCKEDUPCATS @digitalfr33dom

The rocket is preparing for lift off! Buy the dip before it’s too late 🚀🚀🚀🚀 @digitalfr33dom

Deso is climbing.... Coinbase is coming......... @digitalfr33dom

Good to see Deso coin price HODL circa $90 the last few days! Good vibes. @digitalfr33dom

Let’s start a book 🚂 Comment your favourite books of all time. Let’s make the ultimate DeSo book catalog. 💎’s for contribution @digitalfr33dom

what was the floor price of deso (bitclout) on launch day? @digitalfr33dom

I like that at this stage in the community of BitClout there is no status divide. Everyone is real and has the time to reply to each other no matter the level of fame, wealth or other status. @digitalfr33dom

Pixel Cloud #5 @digitalfr33dom

Pixel Cloud #9 @digitalfr33dom

Pixel Cloud #6 @digitalfr33dom

There’s a Buz about town! @digitalfr33dom

No pixels 2022 @digitalfr33dom