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| merchants accepting BCH! Form: https://airtable.com/shrrFrANaQHo4XAsQ The form is from https://bitcoincash.site/1m/ which is a project to get more merchants accepting Bitcoin Cash. bitcoincash @davidshares

| You can get to the form on this page too, just search on the page for "How do I become a supporter?" They need more supporters. It's free and easy. Let's go! bitcoincash @davidshares

Help Support Bitcoin Cash Adoption bitcoincash @davidshares

FAIR POINT memes @davidshares

|tml October 29, 2020: PSA: High onchain BTC fees have impact for you Lightning Channels: Pre negotiated fees might not be sufficient for your commitment tx to be included in case of lightningnetwork @davidshares

I experienced the same thing yesterday, thanks for posting this. I forgot to post, but glad to see others had the same issue. member @davidshares

Buy and sell Bitcoin Cash NFTs with others using the Juungle marketplace nft @davidshares

https://read.cash/@VideoGameDana/how-to-create-an-slp-nft-that-displays-artwork-properly-on-both-slp-explorer-and-juunglenet-d021c141 nft @davidshares

Help fund this great flipstarter bridging two communities together! BCH + KMD bitcoincash @davidshares

Help fund this great flipstarter bridging two communities together! BTC + KMD bitcoincash @davidshares

This is cool, looks like the BCH fees people added a bot to post tweets with BCH/BTC fees bitcoincash @davidshares

Is anyone else having problems with Memo *after* upgrading your account? memo @davidshares

It would be cost prohibitive to do that. You can't tip anything less than the current BTC transaction fees, which are currently $15 https://bitcoinfees.cash/ bitcoincash @davidshares

June 26, 2017: Mathematical Proof That the Lightning Network Cannot Be a Decentralized Bitcoin Scaling Solution https://medium.com/@jonaldfyookball/mathematical-proof-that-the-lightnin lightningnetwork @davidshares

January 7, 2020: New paper on Lightning Network simulates lower & higher txn rates and summarize the rates of failed txns in Fig 22....at 7,000 transactions per day one-third of them lightningnetwork @davidshares

WARNING: If you try to use the Lightning Network you are at extremely HIGH RISK of losing funds and is not recommended or safe to do at this time or for the foreseeable future lightningnetwork @davidshares

*Adding for posterity:* Below is a long list of links I just spent a few mins compiling which shows, that LN is over-promised, a long ways away from being in working order, and is lightningnetwork @davidshares

|red-lightning-pizza-and-lived-to-tell-the-tale/ March 1, 2019: Lightning Network has become a complete train wreck. Oh by the way, it's no longer 18 months but YEARS until it's ready lightningnetwork @davidshares

|nkwallet_is_kind_of/ February 23, 2019: 5 Things I Learned Getting Rekt on Lightning Network https://old.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/atx8jq/psa_important_video_to_watch_if_you_use_ligh lightningnetwork @davidshares

https://twitter.com/DavidShares/status/1365007712787042308 nft @davidshares