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Justin's Grief || El dolor de Justin <div class="text-justify"> Justin placed the bouquet on her coffin, all yellow, white and red, hand-picked without harming the stem. The flowers were still fresh, just the way she had always liked them. ![pexels-photo-6841603.jpeg](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/davidbright/23xehtRKHHoyA2FgaYq2M7z46r9q3zEzr6ETwEE61mPMdpoeHhS7pkv7J6KiCGo8GXRqa.jpeg) <sub>[source](https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-grieving-man-kneeling-on-a-grave-with-red-flower-6841603/)</sub> Had it been she was still alive, she would have taken all the flowers and put them in a pot on her desk right beside her window in her room. She always felt like she was in a garden with the flowers around her. Since she didn't quite like the outside world, she barely left her room. She preferred to be all alone with her passion. Tears streamed down Justin's cheeks as he turned away from her cold grave. It's been a whole year now and he's yet to get over the shock of her death. Jason, his elder brother who was with him pleaded with him to be strong. Jason hugged Justin closely, trying to comfort him but Justin buried his head in Jason's shoulder and cried even harder. This wasn't supposed to happen, Justin said crying. We were so happy together, we were finally at such a happy place. "I know, I know brother." Jason replied patting Justin's back, trying to console him the more. Jason had to draw Justin's attention to the weather and suggested that they go home since it was about to rain. They both went into the car as Jason drove them out of the graveyard. As soon as they got home, it started raining cat and dog. Jason was right after all, Justin said to himself. As the rain continued, Justin remembered Jessica always telling him that she loved the rain. He wished the rain would bring her back to him but sadly, his wishes can never come to pass. He sat beside the window and stared outside perhaps for hours which made his eyes hurt so much, likewise his heart. 'C'mon Justin, how long are you going to sit in there, come eat dinner." his mum shouted. "I'm not hungry" he replied her without even looking in her direction. "Enough of this already!" she yelled. Well that's his mum, she goes from anger 0 to 120 degree in a heartbeat. For how long are you going to mourn that half broken girl? his mum yelled. On hearing this, Justin looked at his mum furiously, ready to launch himself on her, but then Jason intervened and told their mum that she wasn't suppose to say those words. "And tell me young man why can't I state the obvious? Wasn't she half broken? Wasn't she on a wheelchair for a long time? What is wrong with me saying that huh!? Of what good would she have been for your brother?" She said staring point-blank at Jason. "Mum not now, Jason replied her. Can't you see he is still hurting?" Yes, that's the problem I'm having with him, she continued. Why would he still be hurting after a year? Don't you think it's hard time he found himself another girl? Justin became really angry at that moment and it was evident in the way he looked at her, but that didn't stop her from saying what's on her mind. Look at your brother, she continued, talking to Jason. He is handsome, smart, rich and earns well too. Tell me, is there any girl who wouldn't want him? Just look at him sulking for an ugly lamb, is that how he wants his life to be? "Mum!" Justin screamed in protest, enough about her. He immediately stormed off the room because he felt he might end up forgetting his dignity if he stayed there any longer. He drove aimlessly on the rain beaten path, unable to tell where he should turn next or where he should go. He would have driven straight to her if only...... His thoughts got fuzzy. ![pexels-photo-1600909.jpeg](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/davidbright/23xosejLRzaQ26dnEiFeTTTW8ZS6VBLsSu3Mg3hyjSgHd8smg2mAvidtMYLtrAeyfisxt.jpeg) <sub>[source](https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-windshield-during-rainy-weather-1600909/)</sub> When he finally stopped, he opened his door to his car, and got out to breathe. Somehow magically, he found out that he had ended up in a painfully familiar place, her favourite ice cream parlor. He closed his eyes tightly since he can't look inside, for whenever he looks inside, he finds himself sitting with her in her wheelchair merrily chugging at her ice cream. He remembered her slapping his hand away when he tried to take a spoon out of her sundae. He remembered her taking a spoonful from her sundae and carefully putting it in his mouth. He remembered her looking around to make sure nobody saw her doing that but unfortunately for her, a lot of people saw that, and she quickly covered her face, her cheeks turning a prettier hue of red than her top as she blushed. Reminiscing about all these made his heart lurch out of his chest as the cruel drop of rain which fell on his head reminded him that he can never experience such with her anymore. That's when he realized that his mum was right. Jessica was gone and will never come back to him. He has to find a way to move on, instead of drowning himself in pain and sorrow. He has this strong that she would also love if he moved on, and so he made the decision that very moment, to forget about her and move on with his life.</div> ***Thanks for visiting my blog.*** <center> ![8DAuGnTQCLptZgjHUrRAJGcW4y1D4A5QVJJ7zjzqqKdfVHSS6NapSCC6vBZ3fXg2rU1UFD59NjgJyx4FgBCSErhfFm7pYBieLwARQQVAhW4N7boSYR1EarNxZsSEabqY9HrvdVvpdouw8cyEg87nBgcpSaQAB1sGKhwzPTYueSy.gif](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/davidbright/23t7BP4XRfMT6kofwQUkKEjrLxqVT8U1YbpZcYyM38ss1dfxcMcMbdsLsh8idanFymmiC.gif) Español ![8DAuGnTQCLptZgjHUrRAJGcW4y1D4A5QVJJ7zjzqqKdfVHSS6NapSCC6vBZ3fXg2rU1UFD59NjgJyx4FgBCSErhfFm7pYBieLwARQQVAhW4N7boSYR1EarNxZsSEabqY9HrvdVvpdouw8cyEg87nBgcpSaQAB1sGKhwzPTYueSy.gif](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/davidbright/23t7BP4XRfMT6kofwQUkKEjrLxqVT8U1YbpZcYyM38ss1dfxcMcMbdsLsh8idanFymmiC.gif)</center> <div class="text-justify"> Justin colocó el ramo sobre su ataúd, todo amarillo, blanco y rojo, recogido a mano sin dañar el tallo. Las flores seguían siendo frescas, tal y como a ella siempre le habían gustado. ![pexels-photo-6841603.jpeg](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/davidbright/23xehtRKHHoyA2FgaYq2M7z46r9q3zEzr6ETwEE61mPMdpoeHhS7pkv7J6KiCGo8GXRqa.jpeg) <sub>[source](https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-grieving-man-kneeling-on-a-grave-with-red-flower-6841603/)</sub> Si hubiera estado viva, habría cogido todas las flores y las habría puesto en una maceta en su escritorio, junto a la ventana de su habitación. Siempre se sentía como en un jardín con las flores a su alrededor. Como no le gustaba el mundo exterior, apenas salía de su habitación. Prefería estar sola con su pasión. Las lágrimas corrieron por las mejillas de Justin mientras se alejaba de su fría tumba. Ha pasado un año entero y aún no ha superado el shock de su muerte. Jason, su hermano mayor, que estaba con él, le suplicó que fuera fuerte. Jason abrazó a Justin estrechamente, tratando de consolarlo, pero Justin enterró su cabeza en el hombro de Jason y lloró aún más fuerte. Esto no debía pasar, dijo Justin llorando. Éramos tan felices juntos, por fin estábamos en un lugar tan feliz. "Lo sé, lo sé hermano". Contestó Jason dando palmaditas en la espalda de Justin, tratando de consolarlo más. Jason tuvo que llamar la atención de Justin sobre el tiempo y sugirió que se fueran a casa ya que estaba a punto de llover. Ambos entraron en el coche mientras Jason los conducía fuera del cementerio. En cuanto llegaron a casa, empezó a llover a cántaros. Después de todo, Jason tenía razón, se dijo Justin. Mientras la lluvia continuaba, Justin recordó que Jessica siempre le decía que amaba la lluvia. Deseaba que la lluvia la trajera de vuelta a él, pero, por desgracia, sus deseos nunca pueden cumplirse. Se sentó junto a la ventana y se quedó mirando el exterior quizás durante horas, lo que hizo que le dolieran mucho los ojos, al igual que el corazón. Vamos Justin, ¿cuánto tiempo vas a estar sentado ahí, ven a cenar?", le gritó su madre. "No tengo hambre" le respondió sin siquiera mirar en su dirección. "¡Ya basta!", gritó ella. Así es su madre, pasa de la ira 0 a los 120 grados en un santiamén. ¿Hasta cuándo vas a llorar a esa chica medio rota? gritó su madre. Al oír esto, Justin miró a su madre furioso, dispuesto a lanzarse sobre ella, pero entonces intervino Jason y le dijo a su madre que no debía decir esas palabras. "Y dime jovencito, ¿por qué no puedo decir lo obvio? ¿No estaba medio rota? ¿No estuvo en una silla de ruedas durante mucho tiempo? ¿Qué hay de malo en que lo diga, eh? ¿De qué le habría servido a tu hermano?" Dijo mirando fijamente a Jason. "Mamá ahora no, le respondió Jason. ¿No ves que todavía está dolido?" Sí, ese es el problema que tengo con él, continuó ella. ¿Por qué iba a seguir sufriendo después de un año? ¿No crees que ya es hora de que se busque otra chica? Justin se enfadó mucho en ese momento y se notó en la forma en que la miraba, pero eso no le impidió decir lo que pensaba. Mira a tu hermano -continuó, dirigiéndose a Jason-. Es guapo, inteligente, rico y además gana bien. Dime, ¿hay alguna chica que no lo quiera? Sólo míralo enfurruñado por un cordero feo, ¿es así como quiere que sea su vida? "¡Mamá!" gritó Justin en señal de protesta, ya basta con ella. Inmediatamente salió furioso de la habitación porque sentía que podría acabar olvidando su dignidad si se quedaba allí más tiempo. Condujo sin rumbo por el sendero azotado por la lluvia, incapaz de saber dónde debía girar a continuación o hacia dónde debía ir. Habría conducido directamente hacia ella si sólo...... Sus pensamientos se volvieron confusos. ![pexels-photo-1600909.jpeg](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/davidbright/23xosejLRzaQ26dnEiFeTTTW8ZS6VBLsSu3Mg3hyjSgHd8smg2mAvidtMYLtrAeyfisxt.jpeg) <sub>[source](https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-windshield-during-rainy-weather-1600909/)</sub> Cuando finalmente se detuvo, abrió la puerta de su coche y se bajó a respirar. De alguna manera mágica, descubrió que había acabado en un lugar dolorosamente familiar, su heladería favorita. Cerró los ojos con fuerza, ya que no podía mirar dentro, porque siempre que miraba dentro, se encontraba sentado con ella en su silla de ruedas, sorbiendo alegremente su helado. Se acordaba de ella apartando su mano de un manotazo cuando intentaba coger una cuchara de su helado. La recuerda cogiendo una cucharada de su helado y metiéndosela con cuidado en la boca. La recordó mirando a su alrededor para asegurarse de que nadie la viera haciendo eso, pero por desgracia para ella, mucha gente lo vio, y rápidamente se cubrió la cara, sus mejillas se volvieron de un tono de rojo más bonito que el de su camiseta mientras se sonrojaba. Recordar todo esto hizo que su corazón se saliera del pecho mientras la cruel gota de lluvia que caía sobre su cabeza le recordaba que nunca más podría experimentar algo así con ella. Fue entonces cuando se dio cuenta de que su madre tenía razón. Jessica se había ido y nunca volvería a él. Tiene que encontrar la manera de seguir adelante, en lugar de ahogarse en el dolor y la pena. El tiene esta fuerte que ella tambien amaria si el siguiera adelante, y entonces el tomo la decision en ese mismo momento, de olvidarse de ella y seguir adelante con su vida. ***Gracias por visitar mi blog.***</div> <sub>[Translated using deepl.com]()</sub> spanish @davidbright

JUST SMILE <div class="text-center"> ![pexels-photo-6627344.jpeg](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/davidbright/23wr3LJubnzBmYRMUVindQNy3tWTPE7Sw317gWjRXmSvnkCkprXaxFMD7EQ482voK9qxZ.jpeg) <sub>[source](https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-photo-of-lettering-6627344/)</sub> ***Many obstacles arise and decline, But what keeps me going is the zeal in me. I strive to do better and wish to live a life of leather, So no matter the weather, I will always strive to do better.*** ***You've done all you could for a better life, Yet it remains as thick as gravel. No one said it would be easy so you just have to smile. It will definitely make a difference if you can just smile***. ***Keep working hard and harder, Never give up because things will be better. Keep your head up to show them your brain, So that you can stand out even in the rain.*** ***Don't forget to possess lots of love in you, So as to cushion the pain of whatever life's hatred throws at you You ain't unfortunate to face all this pressure But out of hard times one comes out experienced.*** ***Experienced to face the world of injustice The world of haters and bad name painters How many are out there? Maybe you can do a census Just smile for life gets even better when filled with challenges.***</div> ![8DAuGnTQCLptZgjHUrRAJGcW4y1D4A5QVJJ7zjzqqKdfVHSS6NapSCC8BmeEmMLKbDr3KhdcGoo4W2iHB2Zsk2im6Kyen546mMiiTva72ygMFyAPk9K4uTMoaV1xvPgMHMZ8FeVSXgSLYGxvyLbqbVLAKkx5RoKmwxbcP7zB7WW.png](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/davidbright/23tGeEMKkDQSE11yR47RVtcax8STNL9gcfpvXLN8AZzzDknfaxBj3p21qXodqU3m4UQvD.png) <sub>[property of Blockchain poets Community]()</sub> poetry @davidbright

Haha 😂... Now I understand.. Thanks so much dear dreemportchallenge @davidbright

Nobody should be seen as a mistake though no matter what the person did. My thought though poetry @davidbright

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Thanks so much dear, I did my best to do all I could in respect to the challenge. I'm really proud of myself because ordinarily, I wouldn't have done this much. Thanks so much for your kind words dreemportchallenge @davidbright

Questions we can never get answers to no matter how we try.. We can only reflect on our lives and work on ourselves poetry @davidbright

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Powerful and painful words you've penned down. But how would these flowers bloom watered by the drizzle of tears? hive161465 @davidbright

I'm not yet old and so my hair are still black. I know I will definitely get the white hair with time.. I think it's inevitable poetry @davidbright

I'm not really a fan of cats and don't think I want to have them in my house. Choices differ though.. It's good a thing that you love their company. Beautifully written crosspost @davidbright

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We don't always expect it when someone we trust and care for breaks our heart. No matter how careful we think we might be. We just have to accept our fate and move on. God will definitely enlarge your coast, establish and blossom everything you lay your hands on Beautifully written hivenaija @davidbright

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