Going live on ultimate arcade Cyberworms, care to join me Going live on ultimate arcade Cyberworms, care to join me <br /><br /> Posted via <a href="" data-link="promote-link">D.Buzz</a> hive193084 @dadspardan

Thats amazing i really do need to do that with my kids works, as soon as i figure out how to lol nftshowroom @dadspardan

It is in a way but can play on pay lobbies and yes you need an email to register thgaming @dadspardan

It is impressive to see the amount of detail you put into this article and the amount of amazing work you do to make this all the best you can do :) keep up the great work !PIZZA cryptocurrency @dadspardan

Well i did say i was going to do it, and im a man of my word :) !HBIT scholarandscribe @dadspardan

The CIA are attempting to kill Clark Kent, not due to the fact he is superman but purely due to the fact that he is a good reporter with a good moral compass against secret government actions but are failing and do not know why it isn’t working Entry 14 of ################## This is agent #### reporting on the 11th attempt to remove reporter clark kent of the daily planet Now as an agent with a confirmed 95% removal rate of expelling rogue elements in the USA, I find myself at odds with this man who seemingly has got way too much luck on his side, When we attempted to persuade mr kent from engaging with who we now know as a Cadmus asset aka ########## from mr kent story about lex Corp dealing with corruption and arms smuggling (see file “the Enterprise") we tried to convert rogue element to our side but this was stopped before by the higher ups (who knew the bald sellout had friends in shady places) So we proceed to go to operation engagement to directly re now due to lack of evidence that he rarely used his car or any form of transport, (guy seems to teleport into places but this made it hard to track him) so we had to engage with diversion targets under the guise of having information vital for the story, usually a level 2 asset to lure the target in, and then we had to engage Attempts included Heart needle suitcase the needle broke and subject proceed with phony interview without any sign of poison working. Colombian neck tie, with this we attached a fiber ligament that would get tighter the more you tucked on and was impervious to be taken off even with grade 1 lasers unti subject has Asphyxiation, this one never worked due to the subject stopped wearing his favourite ties, it like he could see what was in the device but it was interwoven into the material and even scanner can’t detect it. The funky drink we mixed his standard coffee with an old favourite of the agency, (LSD) with the intention of hoping he would get hit by a car or something along them line while under a “acid trip” even in worst case scenario the subject creditability is ruined due to drug abuse and rambling that the government was after them. but to my dismay it had no effect, even when we order a drug test at the daily planet no trace was found in his blood, THIS GUY IS REALLY STARTING /Redacted/ Falling to plan This method is less used due to the fact at this point subject is usually not a threat but it sets an interview in a building where the subject in on the top floor but they are no lifts and the stairs are rigged to collapse and fall at a pressure point of about 80kg/ 176.37 Pounds, now given the big muscle build this was a fair assumption and we waited for subject to fall to death, and for good measure we have planted some spikes at the bottom under pretense of rubbish which will inject TB into subject( great use in case of #############) however subject again did trigger this on the stairs like his weight had no bearing on the stairs, after subject had left the area we tested this based on his weight and the trigger was active and working, WHAT IS WITH THIS GUY. So I’m going to go to extremes to get this done, I have contacted agent ##### from black ops Project X to aid with this mission, I Figured if Asset L4325F47535 can do the job then we are all happy, and beside I think he will prefer the city versus the beach if what /Redacted/ has been confirmed about some starfish issue, But with the news of Superman being shot I figure we have the best chance to put an asset into metropolis without him noticing the asset update log 14 -2 (6 hours later) This operation has been shut down and agent #### Has been removed from project Enterprise and in term to further operations involving subject Clark Kent he is to be left alone under authorisation of project Cadmus. Signed /Redacted/ scholarandscribe @dadspardan

got about 100 job centres so my homeless will be looked after :D and another nice post :D hivelist @dadspardan

i use to get excited when a new call of duty or halo game was made, now i get excited every time i hear about From software new game. All of them are brilliant for different reasons. SO it a well wrote review gaming @dadspardan

You raised some good points in this and while i wouldn't pretend to understand everything that was said, time will tell to see if this will become profitable for all splinterlands @dadspardan

Good to see these changes taken into effect but all i will say to the current president is ![untitled.gif]( dcity @dadspardan


April 1st half 2022 season rewards and a quick check on my SPS goal to 20K <center> [![](]( ▶️ [Watch on 3Speak]( </center> --- So another season has been done and we have managed to get the spoils of war So i got my rewards and it was a mix of potions, dark energy crystals and some common and rare cards We all saw a rise in SPS from $0.10 to $0.13 so it good to see this going up, but if it goes up too quickly i might struggle to buy the rest if you know what i mean ;) But as always im glad for any rewards it good to see :) thats the end from me i hope you are all a little richer and for everyone i wish you a happy easter. may your chocolate eggs be tasty --- ▶️ [3Speak]( thgaming @dadspardan

Very well taken photos of this, great use of lighting, and look so graceful in the posing, amazing work :) photography @dadspardan

![untitled.gif]( keep pumping it my friend :) hive193552 @dadspardan

Amazing, it always nice to see my favourite LP pool get better and it is always getting better so thank you !PIZZA thgaming @dadspardan

This is all really exciting news and i can't wait to see it all come to fruition !PIZZA mancave @dadspardan

You mgiht be seeing me on a few of these posts as im trying to get to a million :D dcity @dadspardan

very nice and well done on a legendary hit :) splinterlands @dadspardan

All i can say to that is cheers and have some !PIZZA hive187719 @dadspardan

My 4th running attempt at dcity president (one of these has to work) <center> [![](]( ▶️ [Watch on 3Speak]( </center> --- This is president hopeful dadspardan again appealing to the great civilians and Cizitens fighting against student debt everywhere and the rising tax rates of 110% no one is safe from this reign of terror So thats why im putting my hat into the voting cycle So please vote for me to be the president of DCITY and a new world order for all thank you for your time :) --- ▶️ [3Speak]( dcity @dadspardan