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About 6 months, building in the web3 creator economy :) Just popping by again. Looks like the price still hasn't recovered from the $170 high, just before that early VC dumped their bags - Jack is 100% right - "VCs and their LPs own web3, not you" - whilst the community thought they were owning anything and building some decentralized utopia...time to wake up and smell the coffee. Same logic, same winners. @clementbourcart

Looking for someone with strong experience of launching tokens on top-tier launchpads, and exchanges. Please DM if this is you. Posted via @cloutfeed @clementbourcart

After many months of hard work, the @Melon_ooo app is NOW LIVE!!🚀🍉 The NFT platform to buy and sell the most viral content of the web + unlock exclusive creator rewards is HERE 🤩🍉 SwagboyQ (20M followers on TikTok only) will fly out the buyer of his exclusive NFT to LA, to shoot a TikTok with him. Giving the NFT holder instant exposure to millions of engaged viewers. Just one example of next-level utility from our signed creators!! LFG🔥🔥 @clementbourcart

It's been a minute. Been off the BitClout/ DeSo grid for a while, hunkering down on the @melon_app platform. We're getting there. First creator drops in early Dec with some of the biggest names in social media, including SwagboyQ, Liane V, and 100+ others. LFG🍉 @clementbourcart

Boomin'!! What do y'all think? @clementbourcart


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Super stoked for this...finally...The NFT marketplace for social media creators & fans is here. 💥PLATFORM LAUNCHING THIS FRIDAY 08/10!💥 @clementbourcart


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Major moves for mainstream adoption of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)!😎 TikTok has just announced it would launch its very own NFT collection...It lets fans collect top moments from iconic creators - including: Gary Vee🔥 Lil Nas X🔥 Grimes🔥 RTFKT🔥 NFTs will be the best way to connect with your favorite creators & influencers, no doubt about it. This is just the start!! #nfts #nft #nftcommunity #nftdrop #nftmarketplace #trending #crypto #cryptocurrency #digitalart #cryptoart #socialmedia #influencer #content #contentcreators #viralnft 🍉@melon_ooo nfts @clementbourcart

Bringing NFTs to the masses...That's why we're here! 🚀The simplest experience for influencers & fans 🚀Turning viral social content into rare NFTs for the first time EVER 🚀Unique rewards from top creators Stay tuned for our platform & token launch! @clementbourcart

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Let's get minted💎🤣 @clementbourcart

Dayum!!! This thing is moving fast!!😎🤣 Thanks Daniel. @clementbourcart

So if you no longer need to go off trust when people say they will not sell their coin ever or until X date...then you don't need trust. The smart contract locks the funds and allows their release at the end of the term. Which makes it a lot easier for people to invest and for scams to be avoided, too! @clementbourcart

Traditional "social" media platforms are media businesses with millions of free employees: you're one of them. How? By giving them access and usage rights to your own data. The user IS the product, the cash cow on centralized platforms, because that's how their entire business model is built. Well put @LisaMariette!🚀 Also personally fully agree with adult content on here. I know some people talk about how adult "talent" will have a great, censorship-free home in DeSo, but to see these words being used in the official vision gitbook by such brilliant minds is kind of sickening, actually. Maybe I'm just being judgmental and I guess we also have to accept the inherent limitations of fully open networks. Unless they are properly community-run and decisions like these are subject to equitable community votes... @clementbourcart

Staking of creators coins seems to me how becomes fully *trustless* @clementbourcart