Product design consultant working in fintech & web3.

What do you prefer to see for a person's profile picture? A) A real photo B) An artistic avatar @clayoglesby

Our sweet baby, Ava Lane, just turned a week old. 🌸 @clayoglesby

It means the world to have so much support from everyone in good times and hard times. Henry is doing a lot better today. He's off of oxygen and IV. He's energetic and breathing well on his own. @clayoglesby @clayoglesby

Just realized today is my 200th day on DESO! πŸŽ‚ @clayoglesby

If I were to make a game built on DeSo what device would you prefer to play it on? A) Computer B) Mobile @clayoglesby

It happened! No way! 😭 @clayoglesby

My boy is 2! Happy birthday Henry. πŸŽ‰ @clayoglesby

Happy 100th to me! πŸ₯³ @clayoglesby

365 days on the block. @clayoglesby

She's a catch. ⚾ Celebrating 4 wonderful years of marriage! β™₯️ @clayoglesby

Dear Community, It’s with deep regret that I am writing this to you. After joining on April 15, over a month after the BitClout's launch, I didn't think I'd be writing this. I've decided to continue to spend ungodly amounts of money on $DESO JPEGs in 2022. I will continue to bag hold with my fellow degens and if I have to I will single handedly create an NFT marketplace better than any that you've ever used before. After multiple attempts at reaching out.. I have hit a point where my bags have not been fully pumped. Can the devs do something? @clayoglesby

❓ COMMUNITY POLL ❓ What are your feelings toward someone selling their own coin? A. Negative B. Neutral Comment below πŸ‘‡ @clayoglesby

"More Halloween! More Halloween!" -Henry @clayoglesby

🌟 BitClout NFT megathread 🌟 This will act as the BitClout NFT marketplace tab until the NFT update is active on ⬇️ Comment NFT links below ⬇️ @clayoglesby

Trick or Treat! πŸ©πŸ‘¨β€πŸš’πŸ”₯ @clayoglesby @clayoglesby

If BitClout was the Hunger Games who do you volunteer as tribute for your district? See who I got in the comment. πŸ‘‡ @clayoglesby

Happy Friday! β™₯️ @clayoglesby

Feel free to ask any YES or NO based questions and I'll respond to help. @clayoglesby