Loved your before and after comparisons @anggreklestari! But I know that you will always serve food that looks and tastes good enough for a king and queen. You're so creative with plating. Can I quote you? "Taste is like a king and serving way is like a queen"!!! food @buckaroobaby

How could we not! He's adorable. Except for that little matter of using the carpet to do his necessaries..... hivegarden @buckaroobaby

Fantabulous!! Love your dandelion with the microgreens. And not measly by any means. Well done. Sorry I'm only checking in now @fermentedphil. My laptop retired and I'm way behind on what's happening here. Having to move over to my husband's for now....still in the process. But I love your greens!! hive141827 @buckaroobaby

Thank you Denise! My laptop retired just after that post so I am trying to set up on my husband's. Just checking in quickly to say hi. And thank you for your special words - and that gift! hivegarden @buckaroobaby



WOW. That is quite profound. And now I see where your love of quoting may have originated weekendengagement @buckaroobaby

That's hilarious. When I lived in America they used to generously offer to barbeque for me because (as they claimed) a gas barbeque is no different to a wood fire BRAAI. How grateful I was for their efforts despite their ignorance. You simply cannot compare! We use our thorn tree wood and it is amazing. As a winter fire or to braai. So thanks, that wasn't so random Galen! thoughts @buckaroobaby

Sounds more like GREEN mail to me. Your story is almost as bad as mine except for two differences. One I don't have a crazy sibling who was trained by terrorists and two there IS photographic evidence. I still think the entire thing was photoshopped but....what proof do you have of your two year old self? I climbed into my mother's hand bag and painted myself and the entire bedroom with red lipstick. That is the short version weekendengagement @buckaroobaby

Great quote! How wonderful that you are musical. I sadly gave up the guitar in high school. And now .... all these years later trying to teach the kiddos about a plec...what?! hive161155 @buckaroobaby


WE'VE ADOPTED ![baby-shower-background-with-watercolors_1125-139.jpg](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/buckaroobaby/AJhdGi6vwBzhFBX6CpTDrvtcTL7pAPHNqmJprAasK7bZ6af6pTnAB2dVcZ5NnRd.jpg) The tiny body lay still Except for occasional violent shaking No newborn cry broke the silence No insistent kicks of discovery Should he remain with his mother And be doomed to certain fate? The other newborns exercised their lungs And flung their tiny, warm bodies around in delight But his cold, little body was bundled up We took him home ![IMG_0018 (36).JPG](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/buckaroobaby/23z7N17V4VRDuQB4CfzdM7gaHF5QuZrA7eEzEQzFrbAtpaeAR9FjKNku6ocEfPMk5kREF.JPG) Bottle raising lambs is the reality of homesteading And one we don't necessarily enjoy The children see the fun of little frolicking lambs But it is a huge commitment Like any newborn that isn't perfectly happy They cry - a lot They need to be nursed - regularly They peepee - all over the carpets Ultimately we always bring the orphaned lambs home But is it fair? ![IMG_0001 (46).JPG](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/buckaroobaby/23vi42wMETNDfNPdMFs3oArBz57g2G2ajVjEAYrDbSqW5YTZGJxD7dAokp4atTGgT3oWP.JPG) It is not often that a mother sheep rejects her baby But our young Ridgeback puppy has taken to playing With the newborn lambs Naturally the mothers do not approve Only two days old this little Lambie sounded like her baby But smelled like a predator She rejected him ![IMG_0012 (41).JPG](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/buckaroobaby/23yTcm9tqcSY2A3aNXmiMkNprLdiQs4WjwqTTbShdTBsyxi8tCAYLvUhDv1EkroctqVte.JPG) By the time we discovered his tiny body he was in shock Having been too long without mama warmth or milk Saving him was a huge battle One I didn't think we would win And yet life prevails Now that insistent voice echoes Day and night Across the homestead As strong as The little legs which carry him frolicking All over the gardens Accompanied by the squeals of two legged children Integrating him back into his flock Once he is weaned will be difficult But for today we warm another bottle of goats milk And watch him bouncing with his adopted family ![IMG_0026 (32).JPG](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/buckaroobaby/23w2q3tajMyTZA3Cux19oETcPuUUYV8vo9J9ShLPNZjTM7Lt6R4RSmR7qi4uotrXQnSy8.JPG) hivegarden @buckaroobaby

Yes! Success is a LOT of hard work. And often paved with numerous failures too weekendengagement @buckaroobaby

Happy Happy Precious Birthday Boys!!! Lena, you are so talented. I love the idea of a superfood cake. It is so so pretty. vegan @buckaroobaby

We aren't exactly PREPARED but we are trying to prepare...... gardening @buckaroobaby

Food coma!! Imagine. Must say I loved that splash of colour of the beautiful fellow dining Blue Jay. We have plenty pigeons but never Blue Jays. I guess they're strictly patriotic Americans! smap @buckaroobaby

How do you get your husband to drink green tea @farm-mom? I love it but my big man will climb a mountain in the snow rather than green tea. Or quiche. He's a good eater and will eat most things I put on the table but he definitely can live quite happily without quiche or green tea. silverbloggers @buckaroobaby

What a brilliant idea! I love using nettle for it's amazing benefits. I know @riverflows will appreciate a stinging nettle recipe. This will be delicious to jazz up many dishes, even a basic pasta or warm salad qurator @buckaroobaby

Mostly I think people are unreasonably offended. And their offense stems from the fact that they simply cannot relate to another person's life choices. If your life does not fit the accepted mould it causes offense. I have found that to be the case in my own life, more often than not. It doesn't not deter me from my chosen path but rather cement it. Here's to another year of walking your unique chosen path @trucklife-family! life @buckaroobaby

Would you believe that I have NEVER made tomato sauce! Of all my recipes. Raw and cooked I have made tomato paste - raw with dehydrated tomatoes - of course. But never tomato sauce. I LOVE your recipe. With capers and olives it is a winner @sirenahippie! vegan @buckaroobaby