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'A trillion dollars will come into this market overnight.' - Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary on #Bitcoin regulation bitcoin @bit_queen

💥CHINA: Messaging app WeChat to ban accounts engaging in #Bitcoin  or crypto. It has +1 billion daily users bitcoin @bit_queen

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BREAKING: “If you invested in #Bitcoin  your investment is safe.” — El Salvador President bitcoin @bit_queen

💥31 million metric tons of gold was recently discovered in Uganda. #Bitcoin • 21 million • Forever!!!!!! bitcoin @bit_queen

JUST IN – $10 trillion BlackRock CIO: In 2 to 3 years, #Bitcoin  will be higher than it is today bitcoin @bit_queen

JUST IN – Russian Central Bank ready to allow use of #bitcoin  and crypto for international payments 🇷🇺 bitcoin @bit_queen

"Nobody has ever lost money investing in #Bitcoin  for 4 years." – MicroStrategy CEO bitcoin @bit_queen

💥BREAKING: Miners are moving #Bitcoin  onto exchanges at the highest rate in 7 months😱 bitcoin @bit_queen

💥El Salvador considering buying more #Bitcoin  🙌🏻 bitcoin @bit_queen

BREAKING: NYC Mayor urges lawmakers to veto hydrocarbon #Bitcoin  mining moratorium 👏🏼 bitcoin @bit_queen

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JUST IN - #Bitcoin  just had its lowest weekly close since December 2020 HODL ✊ bitcoin @bit_queen

💥EDWARD SNOWDEN: I used #Bitcoin  to pay for servers pseudonymously in 2013 bitcoin @bit_queen

💥BREAKING: US Treasury being sued over 'Unconstitional' #Bitcoin  tax reporting rule. bitcoin @bit_queen

💥SEC will approve #Bitcoin  ETF soon, say Grayscale and Bitwise bitcoin @bit_queen

💥NEW YORK: #Bitcoin  mining ban waiting on final signature from Governor, who is undecided right now bitcoin @bit_queen

💥BITCOIN: 37% of people want governments to legalize it - The Economist @bit_queen

BREAKING: PayPal users can now withdraw #bitcoin  to external wallets bitcoin @bit_queen

DUBAI 🏝️: 29 shopping malls and 13 Hotels will now accept Bitcoin 👍🏼!! @bit_queen