I convey on the sentiment when you've closed your bank account as I have liquidated my mortgage by paying in advance and also closed my 2nd bank accounts. I am left with a single bank that I use to pay for my recurring cost and will try to keep it at a minimum. In the same a crypto cards sounds far better right now, considering that you get also a good cashback and you can use stablecoins for payments. Posted using [Tribaldex Blog]( cent @behiverbee

True words and indeed the aim to Be better at sunset than you were at sunrise should be a driven force in everything we are doing. Emotions are sometimes overwhelming us, but having such a mindset will help us prevail and keep our sanity in this volatile crypto market. Posted using [Tribaldex Blog]( ctp @behiverbee

Great tracking records and adding HBD to the portfolio is a no brainer with the 20% APR. The only thing I am waiting is to see the pHBD on PolyCUB how much will bring on top of that and consider if to diversify there as well. At the moment the simplicity of HBD Savings makes it easier to add day after day. Posted using [Tribaldex Blog]( vyb @behiverbee

Here is my entry for this social media challenge session - Will Splinterlands listing on push the SPS price to the moon? Hive: Reddit: Twitter: ![image.png]( splinterlands @behiverbee


Will Splinterlands listing on push the SPS price to the moon? We've all been waiting for Splintershards (SPS), the governance cryptocurrency from Splinterlands, to be listed on a big exchange and that happened as a SPS:USDT trading pair is now available on This was also shilled through the Splinterlands channel on Splintertalk through [SPS is now available on!]( article. And with the listing we all had or still have hopes that the SPS price will be pushed up and more users and investors will join this amazing blockchain game. ![image.png]( Looking to the SPS chart from today from [CoinGecko]( we can see that there was a wave building up but it seems that it splashed pretty quickly. This was an abrupt move, after which the SPS price went back down to the trend established by the crypto market in general. So it seems that at the moment we don't see any reverberation on the listing on, but we are yet in early stages. So let's see your thought regarding the question that is on all our minds. # Will Splinterlands listing on push the SPS price to the moon? Posted Using [LeoFinance <sup>Beta</sup>]( splinterlands @behiverbee

Good luck on building up, we need more projects on Hive! hivedevs @behiverbee


Will HIVE reach the previous ATH in this new bull run? Looking to the crypto markets and seeing green all over the place is hard not to say that we are in another bull run. Having this positive conditions I cannot but wonder if HIVE will reach once again the previous ATH or how much can its price improve. ![image.png]( Based on the [CoinGecko]( chart we can see that HIVE is on an uptrend and it had a previous All Time High of $3.41. The graph itself doesn't reflect that showing just a spike to $2.87, but maybe that happens because the volume at ATH might have been low and thus not relevant to be captured in the graph. But if HIVE will reach a price point of $3 for sure that will make many users from here happy. So let's hear your predictions in this regard. ## Will HIVE reach the previous ATH in this new bull run? ### What could be the peak of Hive if it doesn't top previous ATH? Posted Using [LeoFinance <sup>Beta</sup>]( hive @behiverbee


Surpassed 2,000 BEE staked and leveled up within Top 60 BEE holders on TribalDex What a great day as I strike to goals at once by surpassing 2,000 BEE staking threshold and in the same time getting into Top 60 BEE holders on TribalDex. My ultimate goal is to gather enough BEE tokens for building up a new community on Hive blockchain and the current achievements rise my motivation to keep on grinding and continue on my path. ![image.png]( Today's rewards from content creation, curation and providing liquidity on the Diesel Pools from TribalDex pushed my BEE balance to 2,013 and got me on 58th place within the Top BEE holders. This is another stone added to the foundation of a new community that I want to launch on Hive blockchain and I am building up day after day for it. ![image.png]( Somebody would wonder how many BEEs one would need for that? So here it is a breakdown for that. - 100 BEE for Token creation - 1000 BEE for Stake - 1000 BEE for Delegation - 5000 BEE for Outpost - 1000 BEE for DAO - 1000 BEE for Each Pool As you can see it is not an easy task and probably to launch a complete community with available Hive Outpost features probably I will need somewhere around 10,000 BEE tokens. If we translate this to current BEE token price that would mean ~$5,300 which is quite a big chunk of money to thrown in it. Thus, I need to plan everything wisely if I want not to throw money out of the window. But nevertheless todays marks a significant milestone in my journey and I cannot be prouder for reaching it. I just need to continue grinding and making best of it! Posted Using [LeoFinance <sup>Beta</sup>]( bee @behiverbee


Is there any HBD bridge to other chains or how can you easily exchange Hive Dollars? I know that HBD is available for trading on UpBit and Bittrex but the volume is quite low and is not appealing to the traders to move funds. Thus I wonder if there is any HBD bridge to other chains that would make the trade easier and with smaller fees. If not maybe there are other options on how to get HBD out of Hive and convert it to FIAT or other cryptocurrency. So if you know enough on this, sharing is caring! ![image.png]( #### Is there any HBD bridge to other chains or how can you easily exchange Hive Dollars? Posted Using [LeoFinance <sup>Beta</sup>]( hive167922 @behiverbee

Great tips and I learned something new - I didn't know until now that you can change a player role on the field. Amazing! rabona @behiverbee

What is your ROI doing the math between the subscription and earned ListNerd tokens? alive @behiverbee

Keep on staking these sweet BEEs tokens, I am too accumulating to maybe start a Hive Outpost. archon @behiverbee

Wow, that is some crazy number and the ROI is impressive. Now if the price holds on, you can only do better. listnerds @behiverbee


What type of curation does TribalDex uses - linear or different? While I have been hustling for a bit of time on [TribalDex]( in order to stack as much BEE as possible as I am thinking of creating a new Hive Outpost, I am trying to create content periodically (sometimes at a slower pace that I would like to) and curate other's content from this platform. As I do that and get rewarded for it, I wonder what king of curation path is TribalDex using - is it linear or one that gives better rewards to those that upvoted in the beginning. ![image.png]( I would like for it to be linear as that would motivate people to do manual curation than auto upvotes, but I want to hear first if anyone knows exactly about it. So, let's hear the answer to the following question. # What type of curation does TribalDex uses ? Posted Using [LeoFinance <sup>Beta</sup>]( tribaldex @behiverbee

Cool info, any links to the documentation to set up a node? spk @behiverbee