Roll up your sleeves, get ready for your own cup noodle !!! <liketuimages> <center> ![405opf1el25p5ktw_bb.jpg]( ![405opfil25p5uqm_a.jpg]( ![405opf20l25p5rtd_b.jpg]( ![405opf1el25p638d_dd.jpg]( ![405opf2bl25p5kuc_cc.jpg]( ![405opf2bl25p647v_g.jpg]( ![405opfpl25p5lom_e.jpg]( ![405opfpl25p5lob_c.jpg]( ![405opfwl25p5w06_d.jpg]( </center> </liketuimages> Previously: My mom and I were very surprised to seeing the cup noodle museum inside, it's not a museum, it's a theme park to us OKAY? They are so large, they have got 5th floor there, and the most busy section is the DIY your cup noodle! As there were too busy in the DIY section when we arrived, we didn't go to make our own cup noodle in heart beat, we visited another place then return to the DIY section when it was less people. Oh yeah, half of people gone after 30 minutes, we better hurry up to get in to the DIT center before the next wave of people arrive. We shown them the ticket, they gave us the scarf for head, and also the apron to avoid our clothes get dirty. When we dress up the apron and scarf, we started our lesson in the kitchen, sounds my mom and I were the only visitor there and the lecture was in Japanese of course. We didn't take too much pictures while we were inside, we took video instead, I will try to capture some pictures from video if you guys have interested, but at the moment I will simply show you guys the pictures on hands first. The lesson took us nearly an hour, they teach us from how to rub the flour, how many salt we should put on the flour, using machine to cut the flour into noodle shape, fried them, finally pack them. It was the best part in visiting the museum there !!! This experience was unforgettable !! They taught each person to make 2 version of the noodle, on in the cup and the other in the bag like the normal instant noodle, but you can design your bag and cup to make you unique noodle in the world. We treasure the noodle very well, we didn't want to eat them until they are nearly expire, and we still keeping the cup at our home till today (don't know where do we keep the cup anyway...) After the DIY section, we still went to try different style of the noodle inside (additional fees applied) --- For the best experience view this post on [Liketu]( liketu @atyh

Faith gives me patient, patient helps me to go further Really had no idea how come the crypto markets fell so much at the last day of Easter Holiday yesterday in Hong Kong, but sounds it's not a holiday in US and UK...anyway it doesn't matter... Many people in the discussion group trying to tell people they were so upset to seeing they were suffering quite a lot of loss, and regret they didn't escape from the market, they said they "knew" that the markets were going to crash but they didn't expect it crashes that quick... ![maxresdefault.jpg]( There's NO IF in my dictionary, I won't say the meaningless words such as "I knew that they are crashing" / "wish I could escape earlier", I will say "let's see what's going to be happened in the coming days, and I will decide whether to change my strategy to stop loss in case I have made a mistake" ![WeChat 圖片_20220419092736.jpg]( It will be a tragedy to me if I changed my mind that easy like the others do in the discussion group. (assume you guys remember that I invest in Luna in fixed amount everyday) The market suddenly rebound quite a lot today, wish them never sold their asset at low last night, otherwise they are going to yell "I am more sad today, I sold all of them at lowest and they are going up again now" I know everyone wants to see the result instantly, unfortunately it always take times to see the result if you want to have a significant succeed. In the past I simply had a speculate attitude on the stock markets, I could only make very little profit when I was correct but I got a massive hit when I made mistake. But now I ain't going to change my mind so often, I got faith now, faith gives me patient, and I started to see the power of being patient then I can have better profit in my investment finally. Absolutely it's quite late for me to figure out that truth in the market, I spent 12 years to figure out that, but better than I never realized that in my life. Now I have confidence to go further in my journeys in the crypto world with firm belief. Posted Using [LeoFinance <sup>Beta</sup>]( leofinance @atyh

i love the vibes of the shop, it is like a Hong Kong Wantun noodle shop style liketu @atyh

i though she's your girl before reading your words.... liketu @atyh

謝謝表妹 liketu @atyh

Both my mom and I love the Cup Noodle Museum so much. <liketuimages> <center> ![405opfpl24czc2r_1.JPG]( ![405opf13l24d0lrw_2.JPG]( ![405opf20l24d0us3_3.JPG]( ![405opfwl24d199n_4.jpg]( ![405opfpl24d1r0n_5.1.JPG]( ![405opfpl24d25hs_5.jpg]( ![405opfwl24d2ase_6.jpg]( </center> </liketuimages> Can't believe that I haven't update my visit in Yokohama for days, most importantly is that I didn't post on my own community 😅 I planned to do so yesterday but I was too tired on playing with my nieces, it's more important than spend time with family than just make a post, agree? Getting a bit far away, let's come back to our story, we left the hotel very early on that day as we wanted to have more and more time for the cup noodle museum as I knew that it's very large and it might takes us more than hours to visit every floors inside. There was a sublime of giant cup noodle model waiting for us at the entrance, look at that, it's so white, so pure, it's more than just a cup noodle, it is like a religion in some people of the Japanese though. The museum is really big, and the renovation inside is quite simple but it makes me very comfortable with that, we need to go the tickets booth to buy tickets before we start our visit there, lucky, we didn't have to queue for the ticket as many people already bought the ticket and visiting inside, and the next wave of people wasn't arrive yet. Beside the giant cup noodle model, we couldn't miss for their cartoon symbol, the chicken as well, let's capture the moment with this little cute symbol. Couldn't remember if they have introduction of the history to people, but I remember people were going to make their own cup noodle there, that's the main purpose of people visiting there though, we can simply get on wikipedia for the details of its history, no need to visit the museum on purpose though 🤣🤣🤣 I forgot if I need to buy additional tickets for the DIY cup noodle, probably I needed, but of course we didn't care the additional admission fees when we were traveling (I won't pay that while I am visiting the museum in HK) We didn't go to make our own cup noodle in heart beat as we saw the booth were too busy, we had walk around in the museum first then go back while there was less people. Will show you the picture of our visit in the DIY section in my next post, have a nice day guys, cheers. --- For the best experience view this post on [Liketu]( liketu @atyh

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Crypto are more than just an asset, they are also a Brand Per my yesterday post I mentioned that if people can keep printing the money that is quicker than you work for it, why should we still keep working for the people forever? And today I wanna to discuss on "how about we are trying to chase for the crypto? People can also print the crypto currency like what USDT does" Yes, people can keep printing the stable coin but I guess most of us are not trying to keep our asset in stable coin only but the other token like BTC, ETH, Hive or any other altcoins that might make profit for us. ![1.jpg]( Needing no explanation to the experienced people in crypto world, BTC has limited the quantities in 2.1 Million pcs and you can never print or issue extra BTC on the bitcoin chain, therefore the number of BTC is limited, BTC has turned into a Brand, a merchandise, not like a fiat current that you can keep printing. You can copy and duplicate the BTC blockchain, say, super BTC, ulter BTC, Gold BTC (actually there's a "hard fork" I would say a copy which is called BTC Gold already) , but there's only one BTC with 21 Millio pcs, no matter how many hard fork you are trying to make on BTC, people want the brand called BTC but not xxx BTC / BTC xxx. Well, I better get a Hard fork list of the BTC and other coin for your easier review instead of keep creating a new coin name that would never come out, please see following: ![LISTOFFORKS012.png]( We can see there's so many hard fork from BTC and most of them I have never heard until I see the list today, I am not sure how many of these tokens still alive as of today, and I don't really care, I most likely buy the BTC only, sometimes I buy BCH but I mainly focus on the original chain - BTC still. Guess most of the people is like me, only have interested on the original BTC and they might simply ignore the so called hard fork (maybe BCH is an exception), so I would say, it doesn't matter no matter how many fake bitcoin the people trying to print, there are only 21 million BTC on the world still, we can't change this fact, and it's worth for us to keep chasing the BTC as it is just irreplaceable. Do you concur with my point of view guys? Posted Using [LeoFinance <sup>Beta</sup>]( leofinance @atyh

Hi brother, thanks for your effort trying to understand my post. I had a really good birthday with them last night. liketu @atyh

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大小寶, 要你們久等了 <liketuimages> <center> ![405opfwl23c56yc_WeChat 圖片_20220417213859.jpg]( _2個月沒見大小寶,想死他們了_ ![405opf13l23c58cy_WeChat 圖片_20220417213913.jpg]( _2個小寶貝要和我裝飾一下_ ![405opf1el23c5ax1_WeChat 圖片_20220417213921.jpg]( _難得去AT姐家, 當然要吃他樓下的小食_ ![405opfil23c5d2b_WeChat 圖片_20220417213910.jpg]( _哇, 三文魚好正啊_ ![405opf20l23ce3sr_WeChat 圖片_20220417213907.jpg]( ![405opfwl23ce5l6_WeChat 圖片_20220417213941.jpg]( </center> </liketuimages> 對上一次見你們兩個已經是兩個多月前你們來拜年的時候了. 這段時間我想你們想到快瘋了, 我知你們也很想我. 你們竟然在一個多星期前就期待著和舅父慶祝生日, 舅父真的好感動好開心. 今天一踏進你們家, 你們那個期待和興奮的眼神, 那種真致, 那種天真無邪的童真. 舅父永遠不會忘記. 謝謝有你們, 還有我姐, 為我準備了一個那麼美好的生日, 美中不中的是, 你們舅母未能一起和我們慶祝. 但願明年, 大家可以一家人齊齊整整的, 再一起和身邊每位親人慶生, 你們說好不好? --- For the best experience view this post on [Liketu]( liketu @atyh

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Btw, guess you won some money on the lottery, say 200? liketu @atyh

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Why we still work for the money if the government can keep printing it? Recently I have watching the interview to the Poor Dad, Rich Dad author Robert Kiyosaki again, it's always important to keep watching and reading such videos and books as you can always learn new stuff in your different age. ![1.jpg]( It's very impressed to me when I hear Mr Kiyosaki said "If people can print money which is faster than we work for it, then why we still work for the money and save it" Don't take me wrong, I don't mean I am inciting people never go to get a job and just being lazy in their life, it's inevitable for we ordinary people to work for money to build up our financial base in our life, my point is: we can't just work for the others forever ! We need to figure out our own system to print money like the government and banking do if we want to get rid of poverty in our life someday. Taking myself as example, our old man is already 73 now, how long do you think I can still working in his company? And what can I do in the next few years when he's retired? I will 40+ at that time and I don't think people has interested to hire me anymore. ![2.jpg]( It's not too pessimistic to me as I am in the crypto world now, I felt lucky I came into the crypto currency world back in Jan 2017, it's not very early but still better than I just started today. I have learnt a lot in the crypto market and I started to step out from my comfort zone in the past years. And now I can make some money on hive and defi everyday, which is like I am also printing money like the governments and banks doing. ![3.jpg]( Of course they can print much quicker then me as I am just an individual investor in the crypto world, but don't under estimate the power of the compound interest, we can boost our asset a lot in few years even we start with a very small amount. All we need to do is making sure the money keep going into our pocket everyday and use them to invest in the market, I would say the crypto currency is the very good way for we ordinary people trying to get rid of poverty and become richer. Of course, NEVER gamble on the future market otherwise you are killing yourself and you will die much quicker if you just trying to gamble on the crypto market and look for quick money. So, what do you think the above POV, agree? Or you have another opinion? Feel free to discuss, have a nice day. Posted Using [LeoFinance <sup>Beta</sup>]( hive167922 @atyh

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